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Neither. Silica is a compound of two elements: silicon and oxygen.

Oxygen is a nonmetal, silicon is a metalloid.

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Because Silica is Siliconedioxide and silicone and oxygen both are non metals and its is a physical property of a non metal to be poor thermal and electrical conductor

Silica is a non-metallic mineral. It is an oxide of silicon. Silica is most commonly found in nature as sand or quartz.

It is a non metal. not a metal or metaloid.

The silica of were the volcano erupts usually is what determines if a volcano is explosive or non-explosive. If the silica content is low that means the volcano will be non-explosive and if the silica content is high the volcano will most likely be explosive.

H - Non (non-metal)He -NonLi - metalBe - metalB - metalloidC - NonN - NonO - NonF - NonNe -NonNa -MetalMg - MetalAl - MetalSi - metalloidP - nonS - NonCl - NonAr - NonK - MetalCa - Metal

Nitrogen is a non-metal.

A non-metal plus a non-metal usually (but not always) produces a covalent bond.

A non metal and non metal would be a covalent (or molecular) bond.

IONIC=metal + non-metal COVALENT=non-metal + non-metal *you can use you periodic table to figure out if a compound is and metal or non-metal.

Metal: Mercury Non-Metal: Oxygen

Yes, it is a non-metal.

It is a non-metal you itiot

It is indeed a non metal

is sonorous a metal or an non- metal .

Is asernic a non metal

it is neither a metal or a non metal it is a salt

Non-metal. (Hexane - C6H14)

it is non metal .or it depends on which one you have.

Sodium chloride is a compound, not a chemical element.

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