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Slate is a type of metamorphic rock. It is a foliated metamorphic rock that has a banded, or layered, appearance due to exposure to directed pressure and heat.

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Is granite banded or nonbanded?

Granite is a nonbanded rock.

What kind of rock can be banded and nonbanded?


Is a metamorphic rock banded and nonbanded?

Those are two types of metamorphic rocks. Banded metamorphic rocks are when rocks layer into layers and they look like strips or Bands. Non banded is the opposite of banded

Are slate and gneiss foliated?

Slate is certainly foliated and splits easily along this foliation surface. Gneisses frequently banded and this banding is also a foliation.

Is gneiss nonbanded?

No. Gneiss has alternating light and dark bands.

What is layered metamorphic rock?

Layered metamorphic rock is one that has a foliated or banded appearance due to exposure to heat and directed pressure. Examples: phyllite and slate.

What is the density of slate?

2691- Solid slate. 1290-1450- Broken slate. 1362- Pulverized slate. 2691- Solid slate. 1290-1450- Broken slate. 1362- Pulverized slate.

What is the metamorphic equivalent of slate?

Slate is shale that has metamorphosed. Slate is metamorphic. There is no metamorphic equivalent of slate.

What happens to the slate if these conditions increase?

The slate or slate changes into schist

What is the mass of slate?

The mass of the slate depends on how large the piece of slate is.

Is slate a conductor or insulator?

Slate is an electrical insulator. Slate is not a conductor of electricity.

In zwinky how to get out when you are banded?

what is environment in zwinky how to get in whan you are banded

What is slate siding made of?

Slate siding is made from the metamorphic rock slate.

Can granite turn into slate?

No. . . .granite not turn into slate. . . .shale is turn into slate.

Is banded a verb?

Yes, banded can be a past-tense form of the verb band. As in, "They banded together to face the challenge."

How does slate weather?

How is slate formed?

What rhymes with banded?

Branded, landed, sanded rhyme with banded.

Can banded stingrays kill you?

yes banded stigrays can kill you ----

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It may not be banded but it might be deleted.

What banded appearance?

Banded is pretty much the same as striped.

Is sandstone banded?

yesi have a rock kit and it has sandstone banded

What is a banded penguin?

A banded penguin is a penguin of the Spheniscus genus.

When was Banded angelfish created?

Banded angelfish was created in 1831.

Is slate porous?

Slate is not porus due to the fact that in england,people use slate as a material for roofing. From that we can highly assume that slate is not porus.

What did Victorian children write with?

At school it was normal to write with a slate penicil on a piece of slate (the slate pencil could be make of clay, soft slate, soapstone or chalk). The main advantage of slate was that it the marks could be erased and the slate could be reused.

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