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Sn is a metal, it lies to the left of the semi-metal staircase


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No it is a metal. Not a semimetal. A semimeatal is in between metal and nonmetal.

A semimetal has the properties of both a metal and a nonmetal. They are also called metalloids.

The two divisions on the periodic table are called metal and nonmetal. The elements are either nonmetal or metal, and that is how they are divided

Whether an element is a metal, nonmetal, or semimetal. Elements around the zig zag are semimetals Elements to the left of the zig zag (and the majority of elements) are metals Elements on the right of the zig zag are nonmetals

All the elements, metal or nonmetal, are in the periodic table of the elements.

No, helium is not both a metal and a nonmetal. The element helium (He), along with its cousins in Group 18 of the periodic table of the elements, is a monatomic nonmetal.

By looking at the periodic table of the elements. Carbon is listed as a nonmetal.

it isn't actually semimetal is and it is because semi metal is ethier shinny but can't comduct electricety or is dull and can cunduct electricity

They tell you the mass of the element. It can also tell you if its a metal or nonmetal.

Silicon has traits of both metals and nonmetals and so it is classed as a metalloid or semimetal. It is essentially in between being a metal and a nonmetal.

To predict the correct formula for the combination reaction between a nonmetal and a Group A metal, just refer to the Periodic Table. The table has both nonmetal and Group A metal elements with their characteristics.

No, K, or potassium, is not considered a semimetal. It is considered part of the metal group in the periodic table.

For example metal or nonmetal character, radioactivty, atomic weight, reactivity.

Strontium is a metal, Sr is the periodic symbol.

There is a color key telling you what each color is. Metal or nonmetal.

CaCl2 is neither metal or nonmetal because it's an ionic compound, to be exact a salt. For something to be metal or nonmetal it must be on the periodic table.

Elements on the left side of periodic table are metals. The right side elements are non metals and the zigzag line constitutes metalloids.

There are many things but mainly they are -hardness (metal or nonmetal) -reactivity -their charge

The terms "metal" and "nonmetal" are normally applied to elements, not compounds such as silver bromide.

metal -->nonmetal --> gaseous (metal --> nonmetal --> metalloid)

No. Silicon is not a metal at all. It is a semimetal or metalloid. The alkali metals are all in the far left column of the periodic table.

Chlorine is a non-metal. It is placed in group-17 of the periodic table.

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