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Is Sonic the Hedgehog the movie on DVD rare or worth anything?

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Not really

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What is the worth of Sonic the Hedgehog comic books?

Probably cover price or less. They're not in high demand or anything. Sorry if you were hoping to cash in.

How much are Sonic the Hedgehog comics worth?

They cost $2.50 in the US.

Is the xbox 360 Sonic the Hedgehog worth the money?

yes very much so its one of the most best sonic games there is

What is the value of Sonic the Hedgehog comic 50 Directors Cut?

since its rare its worth 1,000.................pennies

What are the tires in sonic adventure 2 battle?

They are just for hitting or blowing up - they are not worth anything.

Is The Little Mermaid movie with the misprint on the front cover of the case worth anything?

yes it is worth it. it is a very fun movie and very exciting

What Captain America movie poster is the rarest?

Poster for new movie isnt worth anything. And the movie from a few years ago probably isnt worth much more.

How much is Sarah Jane sonic lipstick and watch scanner worth?

anything between 20-40 pounds if they are in their original packaging

Is sonic good in the game Mario and sonic?

If by good you mean worth playing for, then yes. In the Mario and Sonic London 2012 Olympic Games, Beijing Olympic Games, and Winter Olympics for Wii, there is a wide variety of characters from both Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, good and bad guys. You can select one character to play with against other players in Olympic events. Its definitely an awesome game.

Are misprinted movie covers valued at anything?

Yes, actually they are worth between 20-50 dollars depending on the movie

Who is more famous Justin Bieber or Sonic?

Bieber is worth $100 million USD. Sonic is worth in excess of $2 billion USD. Sonic has also released more material and has been around longer. Therefore the answer is clearly Sonic.

Is Sonic Colors worth buying?


What is the value of Star Trek The Movie in vhs unopened?

It's not worth anything. VHS is dead.

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How do you get hyper Sonic in Sonic riders?

Hyper Sonic is a more advanced version of Super Sonic, that was only ever in one Sonic game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the Genesis, he is not in Sonic Riders or any other Sonic game. As for Super Sonic, you can only get him in Sonic Riders by completing all missions with a gold rank. *trust me it's not worth it, way too much work for the reward*

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How much is a complete collection of sonic the hedgehog comics worth?

Do you mean the Archie comics series? there are almost 200 worth roughly $2 each, but since some of the older comics r much harder to find they can sell for as much as $40 new. around $15 used. id hazard a guess at least $500 for the whole set

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