Is Sound digital or analog

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Sound itself is always analog, though the quality varies. Things on a a computer, iPod, TV, etc. are represented and transmitted digitally, but it is converted back to analog before it gets to the speakers. An example of analog sound storage would be a record player. While both are voltage, digital media is written in 1's or 0's, then converted back into a semi analog voltage to drive a speaker. To the trained ear, modern music which is stored digitally still doesn't sound as good as analog, due to loss in some of the frequencies we hear. Another way to create or transmit sound is acoustic, which is that of a nonelectric guitar or Saxophone.

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Q: Is Sound digital or analog
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What is the term used when digital values are converted to create an analog sound?

When digital values are converted to create an analog sound, the term used is Digital-to-Analog converter.

Difference between analog and digital sounds?

There is no digital sound. Sound is analog because our ears are analog. You can store the sound information in a digital format which makes it easy to reproduce and copy without any loss. But at the end the sound in the air is analog.

What are AD and DA?

AD is Analog to Digital conversion the use is to do digital measurements of analog voltages and currents, a computer soundcard is an AD converter that convert analog sound to digital sound so that it can be played on a computer, and DA is the opposite, digital to analog conversion, the digital sound on the computer is converted to analog sound to drive a speaker or headphone

What are the types of sound?

the different types of sound are Analog and Digital

Does sound have to be converted from digital to analog for a computer?

No. Sound has to be converted from analog to digital for use by a computer, not the other way around. It is converted to analog so amplifiers and other analog equipment can use it and so you can hear it.

What are the different types of sound?

the different types of sound are Analog and Digital.

How do analog sound systems compare to digital systems?

There are many different noted differences of an analog sound system when compared to a digital sound system. The most referenced difference is that of quality of sound.

How does a sound card function?

The sound card functions by converting digital data into analog information. It also converts analog data into digital data. The digital signal processor inside of the sound card is responsible for this.

Is sound from a speaker digital or analog?

That would be analog. A speaker is not just on or off, and its range varies as the voltage changes. Sound cards use a D/A converter to convert digital data to audible sound.

How do you convert sound signals to binary?

This is a 2 step process:a microphone converts the sound to an analog electrical signalan analog to digital converter converts the analog electrical signal to a digital stream of binary coded values

What are the advantages of a digital radio over an analog radio?

The advantages of digital radio over analog radio are digital radios get more channels than analog, they are clearer in sound and signal and have more additional features.

How can you convert the digital to analog or analog to digital?

We can convert digital signal to analog by using DAC i.e Digital to Analog Converter and analog signal to digital signal by using ADC i.e Analog to Digital Converter.

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