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they aren't married, Spencer isn't married at all, but he is not with Kristina Stamm. He is an amazing guy and deserves the best out there :)

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Are Allie DiMeco and Kristina Reyes dating?

They are not dating, they are best friends. Allie and Kristina are both single as of now.

Who is Spencer boldman dating?

Spencer boldman is dating debby ryan -

Who is Spencer chamberlain dating?

Spencer Chamberlain is dating a girl named Maggie Chadwick.

Is Kristina Horner dating Luke Cornard?

On December 20, 2009, Luke Conrad released a video stating that he and Kristina were dating. See 'related links' for that video.

Is Spencer boldman dating?

yes he is dating stacy dauz

Is James Laurinaitis single?

No he's dating a girl named Kristina.

Is Chaske Spencer dating his publicist?

No! Not at all.

Is Debby Ryan dating Spencer boldman?


Who is Spencer pyle at elkhorn valley view middle school dating?

spencer pyle is dating samantha bak who also goes to the same school

Is nat wolff dating kristina Reyes?

yes. im pretty sure they are.

Is Spencer boldman debby ryans boyfriend?

It was rumored that Spencer Boldman and Debby Ryan were dating but they deny this and state Spencer is not her boyfriend.

Is josh Elliot dating Laura Spencer?

No he isnt

What is the name of kristina?

Well technically Kristina from naked brother band that's her real name Kristina Reyes she's dating Nat Wolf right now her and Allie Dimeco share a youtube channel together.

Is Scott Micheal foster and Spencer grammar dating?


Does brigit medler have a boyfriend?

she is dating spencer walsh again

Do Wren and Spencer from Pretty Little Liars start dating?


Are Spencer Boldman and Zendaya dating?

no in the movie they were just acting

Who are Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer dating now?

She is dating Amaury Nolasco, while he is currently single.

Is Bridget Mendler dating Kellen Lutz?

She is actually dating a guy that played on Good Luck Charlie. The character Spencer is the one she is dating.

Who is kristina debarge's boyfriend?

Isak osman. A football player that currently plays fot Italian side Juventus. Isak has been dating Kristina for mor than 1 year.

Does Spencer Martin have a girlfriend?

ya hes dating cheyenne klinger

Are Spencer and Toby going out in Pretty Little Liars?

Yes they are dating

Is Kristina Lenko dating Matt Evers?

No. Matt describes them just like close brother and sister

Who is meri beachy dating?

She is going out with someone that she lives by my friend sydney knows her and she said that she dating someone named spencer.

Is Bridgit Mendler dating someone?

Yes, she is dating Shane Harper, who plays Spencer Walsh on Good luck Charlie.

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