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No, one of the known causes is a lack of folic acid, not vitamin A, in the diet of the mother before pregnancy and in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Q: Is Spina Bifida attributed to a lack of vitamin a?
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What are the food that cause spina bifida?

Spina Bifida is not caused by any particular food. It is caused by lack of a vitamin, folic acid, which can be obtained FROM foods.

Can you have a car accident and then develope spina bifida at age 32?

Not spina bifida. It is a birth defect. But you can become a paraplegic and lose the use of your legs. Spina bifida is caused most often by lack of vitamin B and probably by being exposed to certain drugs and alcohol in the womb.

Is there a cure for Spina Bifida?

No, Spina Bifida is not a disease and there is no cure. Spina Bifida is a birth defect and the damage for lack of a better word, is permanent. There are treatments that will help with mobility, continence and quality of life, but no way to cure or reverse it.

What can Spina Bifida do to you?

It can cause hydrocephalus (water on the brain) due to a defect in the lower skull that often accompanies Spina Bifida, and it can cause total or partial paralysis of the legs and feet, and lack of bladder and bowel control.

Where in the genes is the spina bifida located?

Spina Bifida is not located in any gene. Spina bifida is not a genetically inherited disorder. There are people or families that are more likely to have a child with spina bifida because of their environment. They are more likely to eat certain foods than others because that's what their parents cooked and that's what they know how to cook or that's what they have to eat. Spina bifida is caused by a lack of folic acid (folate). Folate neutralizes valproic acid which is the biggest indicator for spina bifida. In other words, we don't know why but if there are higher than normal levels of valproic acid in your body in the first 15-26 days after conception, your chances of having a child with spina bifida go up. The only way to prevent it is for women of child bearing age to take a multivitamin with folate everyday even if they are not trying to conceive. Most women don't know they're pregnant when the defect occurs.

How can babies get Spina Bifida?

spina bifida is not only in the spine it can be in the head my sister is having her baby and she only developed a little part of her brain It develops in the womb. The spine does not form normally. Spina Bifida is caused, among other things, by a lack of Folic Acid at the beginning stage of development. Smoking, drinking and not taking vitamins by the mother AND the father can lead to a child being born with Spina Bifida. A study was conducted and proved that it's not just the mothers who need to avoid smoking/drinking and need to take a Folic Acid supplement. If a father has a lack of this in his system through any of the above mentioned he can also be a cause for spina bifida in the child. This is very important and I wish it was emphasized more because we generally worry about the mother and don't stop to realize the father can have an influence as well.

How does diabetes mellitus affect Spina Bifida?

The two conditions are unrelated, but if a person has both conditions, the care of the feet becomes even more of a priority, since there will usually be lack of sensation in the feet and possibly in the legs due to the Spina Bifida. Sores on the feet or legs would therefore not be felt, and could much more easily become serious.

What chromosome does Spina Bifida affect?

From all I have read and studied (I am a 2nd semester senior nursing student at a major university) Spina Bifida is not so much a chromosomal defect as a neural defect caused by a lack of folic acid during the very early stages of pregnancy. This is why women who wish to get pregnant are encouraged to begin taking folic acid BEFORE they actually get pregnant.

What happens if you have a lack of vitamin a?

if you lack vitamin a you get night blindness

Lack of vitamin A?

lack of vitamin a causes night blindness

What is it call when the body lacks vitamin b?

Beriberi is caused by a lack of vitamin B1, pellagra by a lack of vitamin B3, while pernicious anemia is due to a lack of vitamin B12. A lack of Vitamin B is simply called a Vitamin B Deficiency.

What are the diseases caused by lack of vitamins?

It depends on the type of vitamin. For example, lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness, lack of vitamin B1 can cause beriberi, lack of B2 can cause Pellagra, lack of vitamin C can cause scurvy, and lack of vitamin D can cause rickets in children and osteoporosis.

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