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Not ever, but definitely one of the greatest ever.

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What is the greatest cartoon ever?

Sponge bob .It is almost the Greatest THE GREATEST SHOW EVER!!

Was sponge bob ever a grownup show?

no it is not.

Do you like sponge bob square pants?

Yes I do. OMG! Best show EVER!

Is there a way that your son can call sponge bob or sponge bob call your son?

no because sponge bob is not real it is a TV show

What was the first sponge bob ever made?

the frst sponge bob ever made was help wanted/riped pants

Does sponge Bob have sisters?

No. Sponge Bob having sisters is never mentioned in the show.

When did Plankton first show up on sponge bob?

The First ever episode with Plankton was called: Plankton

Why did they stop Sponge Bob?

The show was the longest running show on nickelodeon and also the creator started running out of ideas and the sponge bob movie would be the last thing that we see new from sponge bob

Was sponge bob square pants ever on adult swim?

No, not unless he had some random cameo on another show.

When was the show sponge bob made?

The show premiered in 1999.

How old is the show sponge bob?


Is there a way your son can call sponge bob or sponge bob call your son?

there is an app on google play where can change your picture on a phone call to spongebob but no spongebob is on an animated tv show

Why did sponge Bob start?

Because people wanted to see a TV show about a sponge

Was sponge bob always a kids show?


Is sponge bob meant to be an adult show or kid show?

Both, its a family show.

Did sponge bob ever get married?

No Spongebob stays single!!

Will sponge bob ever die?

yes, right after the cokroaches :)

Was there ever a version of sponge bob in the 1920's?


Did sponge bob used to be an adult show?

Yes it used to be a Adult Show

What is Sponge Bob Square Pants favorite TV show?

Sponge Bobs favorite TV show of all time is Baywatch.

Is sponge bob the most watched kid show in the world?


What is matty b's favorite tv show?

sponge bob

Why is Sponge bob such a popular show?

cos a pretty good show! try watching it.

Sponge Bob show?

it is about a sea sponge named spongebob squarepants it is on nickelodion spongebob is a friendly sponge who is an adult but acts a lot like a 6 year old kid

Is there a shrimp in SpongeBob?

No there is not shrimp in sponge bob because sponge bob is a sponge

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