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Yes it is. It is in honour of St. Patrick who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. It is Ireland's national holiday, and also a day of holy obligation, meaning that people go to their churches on that day. Around the world where there are Irish people, it is celebrated, though it is not a holiday in all of those countries.

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Q: Is St. Patrick's Day a religious holiday?
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What is the biggest Irish holiday?

St. Patricks day! About 65% of the people at the St. Patricks day parade are Irish!

What is Niall horan's favorite holiday?

St. Patricks Day :)

What is Niall Horans favorite holiday?

St. Patricks day

What is the holiday stparticks real name?

St. Patricks Day!

Is St Patricks' Day a National holiday in Ireland?

Yes. It is Ireland's national holiday.

Is st patricks day a bank holiday?

Here in Ireland, yes.

Is Penneys in Mary Street open on St Patricks Day?

No. It is Ireland's national holiday.

How did st patricks day begin?

St. Patrick's day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated annually on March 17, the day of his death. The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and celebrates Irish culture in general.

what holidays do we have in the UK?

Christmas Easter Haloween summer Bank holiday st patricks day

What was the Traditions St patricks day?

patricks day Is the word

What does the date of St Patricks day stand for?

it stands for the date of St Patricks day.

Which holiday comes first st patricks or valentines day?

Valentine's Day (in February) comes about a month before St. Patrick's Day (in March).

What is the color associated with St. Patricks Day?

The colour associated with St. Patricks day is: Green

On what holiday is a famous parade held in New York?

The St Patricks Day Parade and the Thanksgiving Parade.

Name a holiday for which people wear a specific color?

Christmas, st. patricks day, Halloween, Easter, valentines day

What is the Importance of potatoes on Saint Patricks Day?

Potatoes are not special on st. patricks day

What is the meaning of ST Patrics day?

It's an Irish holiday. Usally people who are Irish usally have more fun on St. Patricks day but that's not always true.

Where did st Patricks day start?

st. patricks day was originally started in Ireland putos suck my pito puto

What year did st patricks become a holiday?

in the year of Louis BOOBEARR

Where does the apostrophe go in st Patricks day?

St. Patrick's Day

What is New York states favorite holiday?

New Years Eve and St. Patricks Day share equal billing.

When was st Patricks day first celebrated?

St. Patricks day was first celebrated in Boston, America, March 17th, 1737.

Where does Cleveland Ohio rank in nation for St Patricks day parades?

Cleveland has the 3rd largest St Patricks day parade.

When is St. Patricks Day?

March 17

When and where was the first American St Patricks Day?