Is Star Wars a real galaxy?

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No, it is not a 'real' galaxy, merely one that exists inside the movie world. It is based upon Science Fiction, and you will not be able to travel to it.
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Is Star Wars real?

The Star Wars films are fictional stories. There are no lightsabers in the real world, neither magic force. thts ture in our world. cuz earth is rly boring and stuff. but other worlds u never know. it could be real. ull have to find out later tho

Star Wars Galaxies?

Is an MMORPG that has been around six years and is currently one of the only online Star Wars games until Star Wars the Old Republic is released.

Where is the Star Wars galaxy?

The 'Star Wars' galaxy is part of science-fiction. It does notexist in the real world, so you will not be able to actually placea location of it. But, if you are refering to the where the Star Wars galaxy 'exists'in relation to the movies, then the the only information I knowthere is that it is 'fa ( Full Answer )

Is there a Star Wars Galaxies Emulator?

Answer . Currently There are several teams of people working on coding it. A team by the name of "SWG EMU" has a working Beta test center for the public. It is not complete yet, as with all of the other teams. More info http: ( Full Answer )

How do you register for Star Wars galaxies?

I too have SWG and i have to complete online adventures. First you buy your first stage of your game in a store and then the go home install it check the price how much to pay to play then you go to where you type your name and password type it in lol if you cant find this out go to a professional i ( Full Answer )

Are Star Wars droids real?

No, but many Star Wars droids exhibit characteristics that modern robots and computers do already have.

Is the ds star real in super Mario galaxy?


Which Star Wars galaxies servers?

West Coast Servers . Ahazi Bria Corbantis Flurry Intrepid Kettemoor Naritus Scylla Sunrunner Valcyn . East Coast Servers . Bloodfin Chilastra Eclipse Gorath Kauri Lowca Radiant Starsider Tarquinas Wanderhome . European Servers . FarStar Chimaera ( Full Answer )

How do you get a ship in Star Wars Galaxies?

The first step is going to the trainer for the faction that you align yourself with. I do not know where the Freelance or Imperial trainers are, but the Rebel trainer (Commander Da'la) is located in the cantina in Mos Espa, Tatooine. The trainer will start you off with your first ship and will give ( Full Answer )

Is stars wars real?

Yo I'm a big fan of Star Wars and you know medidtation and stuff, but what if there is a level higher than any like the force where you can move things. Ok maybe not droids and all that stuff. But still what if jedi knights are among us?. Please answer to my request.. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU,ALW ( Full Answer )

Is the force from Star Wars real?

No . The 'force', from Star Wars, is an idea based around engery sorrounding the Star Wars universe. It is made up, and not real.

Can Star Wars ever be real?

Forget Star Wars, buddy. Star Trek is the future. Wait another 30 years or so.

Are Star Wars lightsabes real?

Not presently, however, the Berkly institute has developed a plasma arc device that looks, sounds, and behaves like a light saber, but it takes an enormous amount of power to sustain and a lot of equipment to produce. It's not exactly hand-held yet.

Could Star Wars be real?

No. But the technology in Star Wars might become possible in the future. Maybe. It's possible I'm pretty sure no one has been to every galaxy and checked.

Do you need a CD for star wars galaxies?

You don't technically need the CD to play the game. However you do need a active account to play the game, which can only be created with a unused CD key. So you either need to acquire an exsisting account, which is at your own risk, as it is against the rules. Otherwise you will have to buy the gam ( Full Answer )

Is there a real Star Wars lightsaber?

There is no actual lightsaber that exists currently in the world. Despite attempts at controlling the paths and movement of laser, it is physically impossible (currently, at least) to form a non-matter pole-shaped laser beam that protrudes from a small hilt. This is because light travels extre ( Full Answer )

How many planets are in the star wars galaxy?

Since it's a fictional setting, it's really up to the author(s) how many planets there are, but assuming it's similar to the Milky Way, probably hundreds of billions.

Are there games like Star Wars galaxies?

There is one "true" successor to Star Wars Galaxies. Star Wars: The Old Republic was created by Bioware (creators of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, a fantastic RPG itself) under license from LucasArts. It's a traditional MMORPG in the style of World of Warcraft except... it has Jedi. A ( Full Answer )

Is Star Wars galaxies singleplayer?

Depends. If your asking if two players can be on the same computer, than no, Only one person can be on that computer at a given time. However, if you asking about the game itself is singleplayer, than no. It's genre is an MMO (a.k.a Massive Multiplayer Online). So you will find that other playe ( Full Answer )

Is Star Wars 7 real?

Well, that's a Yes/No question, After Starwars 6, (return of the jedi) the story continues in Comic books and chapter books. Han Solo and Princesse Leia Marry, and have 3 children, and Luke marries i believe, the emporers former apprentice (not possitivly sure if she was) mara Jade. and an ironic tw ( Full Answer )

Did the rebels have the galaxy on Star Wars?

After Return of the Jedi (ROTJ), the Rebellion did not have complete control of the galaxy. Even though The Death Star II and the Executor were destroyed, there were still thousands of planets still controlled by the empire. Not every Imperial ship fought in the battle of Endor. The remaining Imperi ( Full Answer )

Could the Star Wars galaxy be real?

Unfortunately, no. The Star Wars universe is fictional, so thoseexact people and that storyline can't exist in our reality. That's not to say, though, that we couldn't develop technologiesthat resemble the ones in the Star Wars movies, or that we can'tfight for the cause of good, as the heroes in th ( Full Answer )

What is the Star Wars galaxy name?

The galaxy portrayed in the Star Wars universe is simply dubbed " The galaxy ". The Essential Atlas refers to it as " Skyriver ", however, as no other text has used this name, it is not generally considered to be canon.

Are Star Wars ships real?

No. The technology in Star Wars is still far too advanced for us today, so it's never fully known if we'll be able to have some technology from Star Wars in our world.

Are the lightsabers in Star Wars real?

The short answer is no. In the Film they had plastic blades that emitted a coloured light, it was then covered my special effect. If you look at the earlier movies you can see that when they switched them on and off they moved the blade either towards the camera to shorten the blade or away from it ( Full Answer )

Is there a Star Wars galaxy?

Theoretically there could be, the Universe is ever expanding andhas millions of galaxies. It is possible, though extremelyunlikely, an identical galaxy to that in Star Wars is out there.

How long will it take to go to the star wars galaxy?

No real object is named the "Star Wars Galaxy". That was a fiction,invented for the movies., The nearest galaxy is the Milky Way. We can get there quitequickly, since we're already in it. The next nearest galaxy isknown as M31, or NGC 224, or the Andromeda Galaxy. If you could(1). travel at the spee ( Full Answer )

Is the Star Wars world real?

If you're asking are the planets, characters & situationsliterally real. Honestly, no one can say yes or no with any certainty. They happen a long time ago in a galaxy far far away so it'sentirely possible situations similar to those on screen havehappened somewhere in the vast expanses of the cosm ( Full Answer )

How many sentient species are in the Star Wars galaxy?

There are 20 million sentient species (5 million in the knowngalaxy) in the Star Wars galaxy (an alternate version of theTriangulum galaxy; a spiral galaxy 3 million light-years fromEarth, and is 100,000-120,000 light-years in diameter, and contains400 billion stars (100 billion in known galaxy) and ( Full Answer )

What is the list of unlikely candidates for the Star Wars galaxy?

The list of unlikely candidates for the Star Wars galaxy are: ACS-GC 13003331 BFB2004 NGC 4676 1176 BFB2004 NGC 4676 1289 BFB2004 NGC 4676 2934 BFB2004 VV 29 127 BFB2004 VV 29 3094 COSMOS 1161898 ISOHDFS 27 NGC 253 NGC 514 NGC 891 NGC 908 NGC 2770 NGC 3370 NGC 5247 NGC 5364 NGC 6118 NGC 7331 PGC 165 ( Full Answer )