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Is Steve Howey married or dating?


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yes Steve is married and Steve is very bad and donky i don't love this man


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Howey is married to actress Sarah Shahi.To read more about the actor Steve Howey steve-howey-actor

Steve Howey goes by Vodka.

Steve Howey was born on July 12, 1977.

Steve Howey's birth name is Steve Michael Robert Howey.

Steve Howey is 39 years old (birthdate: July 12, 1977).

Steve Howey was born on July 12, 1977.

Steve Talley is an American actor who has starred in American Pie. Steve is not dating anyone, he has been married to his wife, Lindsay since 2001.

Actor Steve Howey who plays Kevin Ball on the Showtime series "Shameless," is married to actress and former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Sarah Shahi.

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Something to the tune of 'Every Other Weekend' where they portray divorced parents.

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