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Is Sylvia Brown the psychic a fake?


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August 03, 2009 2:56PM

Sylvia Browne's claims have been debunked many times. She has declined requests to have her psychic powers verified by skeptical testers. She is good at cold readings and knows how to sell herself for a lot of money. Cold readings are something that stage magicians, who have no claims to magical powers, often learn how to do in their shows.

She has never correctly assisted in a kidnapping or homicide case. In fact, she's never been right in any such cases. A very common thing she does is ask a question, then pretend like she already knew the answer by either repeating back what the person said, or simply saying 'I know.' This is a common trick for cold readers to give the impression of psychic ability. Most of her readings are very vague or involve unverifiable things, like what a dead person says, or about spirit guides and angels. These common readings are what she does most of the time, however when she makes specific predictions about things like a homicide, they can be followed up on and verified.

One such reading, in which she was wrong, was when she told the family of Shawn Hornbeck, on the Montel show, that their son was dead, described the kidnapper and where they could find the body. The boy was later found alive. Browne had offered to 'help' the family further after the show, by telephone, at her standard fee of $700 per hour.

Every single reading she's given, that was later verifiable, has been wrong. Sylvia Browne is not psychic, she is a fake.

All psychics are FAKE they claim they have helpers known as (Guides) and they are meant to be in heaven and see all, well ask them when you have a reading what colour underwear you have on or how much money you have in your pocket I can bet you they will avoid the qusetion or say I only get told what they say.

Try it and see..From Sonnet