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Is Sylvia Brown the psychic a fake?

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Sylvia Browne's claims have been debunked many times. She has declined requests to have her psychic powers verified by skeptical testers. She is good at cold readings and knows how to sell herself for a lot of money. Cold readings are something that stage magicians, who have no claims to magical powers, often learn how to do in their shows.

She has never correctly assisted in a kidnapping or homicide case. In fact, she's never been right in any such cases. A very common thing she does is ask a question, then pretend like she already knew the answer by either repeating back what the person said, or simply saying 'I know.' This is a common trick for cold readers to give the impression of psychic ability. Most of her readings are very vague or involve unverifiable things, like what a dead person says, or about spirit guides and angels. These common readings are what she does most of the time, however when she makes specific predictions about things like a homicide, they can be followed up on and verified.

One such reading, in which she was wrong, was when she told the family of Shawn Hornbeck, on the Montel show, that their son was dead, described the kidnapper and where they could find the body. The boy was later found alive. Browne had offered to 'help' the family further after the show, by telephone, at her standard fee of $700 per hour.

Every single reading she's given, that was later verifiable, has been wrong. Sylvia Browne is not psychic, she is a fake.

All psychics are FAKE they claim they have helpers known as (Guides) and they are meant to be in heaven and see all, well ask them when you have a reading what colour underwear you have on or how much money you have in your pocket I can bet you they will avoid the qusetion or say I only get told what they say.

Try it and see..From Sonnet

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Is Sylvia Brown an american author?

"Sylvia Brown is an author but she is also a proclaimed psychic. She has been on Montel Williams a few times, and claims to be able to communicate with the dead."

Was Sylvia Browne's mother a psychic?

Sylvia Brown is a fraud and you can not believe anything she says. Mrs. Brown has a prior conviction for insurance fraud. She continues to spread her web of lies to all who listen.

How old is sylvia browne?

Famous psychic Sylvia Brown was 77 years old when she died on November 20, 2013. (birthdate October 19, 1936)

Is Sylvia Brown a real psychic?

"Sylvia Brown is not a good pysic, so totally got caught on several occasions! She is not a real pychic at all! She should totally just stop being a physic!"

Did Sylvia Brown ever win an award?

"She has not. Sylvia Brown is a self proclaimed psychic, and has come under file many times for giving ""readings"" or ""predictions"" which more then once have harmed police investigations. She has also been convicted of fraud."

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Is caetano psychic a fake?

Yes. All psychics are fake.

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Is Sylvia Tartan a real grande psychic?

There is no such thing as a "Grande psychic", unless you're just calling her large. So, no. She's not.

Sylvia Browne my name is Lisa can you tell me if my husband of 23 years the man I love and have loved for half my life has he left me for the rest of my life or will he come back to me?

Sylvia brown is a fake. Just move on and whatever happens happens

What is the name of the fake Jamaican psychic?

Miss Cleo

Is psychic sylvia browne married?

Yes, she married about five times. I don't to whom.

Is Stella Angelstone psychic a fake?

Yes! It is all a huge scam!

How many books have been writen by sylvia browne?

Sylvia Browne has written 45 books. Topics vary from religion, death, past lives and to becoming more psychic.

What are the names of some famous psychic detectives?

The names of some famous psychic detectives are, Sylvia Browne, A. Owen, P. Hurkes and G. Croiset, Sr. Many real detectives are skeptical about psychic detectives and rarely use them.

Who is the world's most famous psychic?

It's probably between Sylvia Browne, Zak Martin and Gordon Smith.

How do I know that psychic readings are not fake?

You cannot know for sure unless the readings come true. Or unless you are a psychic yourself. You simply have to wait and see.

What is sylvia browns prediction for 2009?

Sylvia Brown said that the hell that is going on is going to stop and another will start in 2019

Family Plot a 1976 movie about a fake psychic was which director's last movie?

Alfred Hitchcock

What was the name of the psychic in Ghost?

Oda Mae Brown played by Whoopie Goldberg

Why are there fake psychics?

Maybe because people want money and that way they might get it easily.AnswerThere are a variety of reasons why fake psychics exist. Some want money, some really believe they are psychic, and some believe (whether they think they are psychic or not) that the stories they tell are somehow helpful to the person.

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Is Silvia Browne a Christian?

Sylvia Brown is a christian name, but we do not know if she is a practicing christian.

Is Silvia Brown a true psychic?

There is no such thing as a True Psychic. There are con artists who do what is known as readings of people. Plus, Brown has proven to be wrong on more than one occasion. She told the mother of the Cleveland House Hostage that her daughter was dead. Obviously, that was not true. My favorite is the psychic who had to cancel a TV appearance for "unforeseen circumstances."