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Q: Is Synthetic oil worth the price?
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Can you use synthetic oil instead of reg oil for your 97 Toyota 4 runner?

Yes. Synthetic oil is the same, but with additional conditioners. And yes, you can go from synthtic to reg oil, however I always recommend synthetic no matter what if the price is feasible.

Can you mix part synthetic oil full synthetic oil?

You can mix part synthetic oil with full synthetic oil.

What is the different semi synthetic oil and syntetic?

Semi synthetic or synthetic blend is a combination of synthetic and conventional oil. Full synthetic oil is just that 100% synthetic oil.

Is oil synthetic?

Oil that comes out of the ground is not synthetic but is called crude oil. Synthetic oil is man made with synthetic compounds. They are both oil.

What brand of synthetic oil is best Amsoil or Mobil?

Synthetic oil is synthetic oil.

Who manufactures synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil manufacturers.

How can you tell synthetic oil or ordinary oil apart?

Firstly, by the huge price difference on the shelf ... lol! The synthetic is a bit more transparent ... the type I use is closer to dark red in color. If your car has a turbo, synthetic oil is better for it as it operates at a cooler temperature than ordinary oil.

How much should semi synthetic blend oil change cost?

Here in Northern New England at the local "Oil and Go" today (January 2011) I saw the price for a synthetic blend oil change to be 64.95 plus tax. The price for a full synthetic oil change was 79.95. The price for a regular oil change was 34.95. I have not priced quarts of semi-synthetic oils at Walmart lately, but I can say the price of 64.95 is excessive when for 15 dollars more you can get a full synthetic oil change. It may very well be that today's semi-synthetic oil sells for 82 percent of the price of full synthetic, but I seriously doubt that. Rather I suspect the 35 dollar price of a regular oil change is to get people in the door, so they can be up-sold to an overpriced semi-synthetic blend oil change. After all, there isn't much money to be made in basic oil changes, unless your doing an awful lot of them. So keep in mind that when these folks checking your windshield wipers and air filters, it isn't because they are concerned about your safety or gas mileage. No, they want to sell you more stuff (stuff with a much higher profit margin than your basic oil change).

Can you mix synthetic oil and non synthetic oil?

Yes, that is what a synthetic blend is that they sell.

Is o'riley synthetic oil good as any other?

Yes, Synthetic oil is synthetic oil no matter who makes it.

What Weight of oil for 1995 Nissan 240sxse is best?

Whatever you use it MUST be synthetic oil, it costs more but is worth it

What is synthetic blend motor oil?

It is a combination of synthetic oil and conventional oil.

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