Is Taco Bell a restaurant

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Is Taco Bell a restaurant
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What type business is Taco Bell?

Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant.

In what city is Taco Bell restaurant?

Many cities have a Taco Bell in the US. There is more Taco Bell restaurants global.

Were can you get tacos?

At taco bell, Jack in the box, Del taco, or A Mexican restaurant

What is the best restaurant?

Moonies Burger House or Taco Bell. (I recommended the five buck box from Taco Bell)

What is kellan lutz's favorite restaurant?

Taco Bell.

Is the restaurant del taco a monopoly?

No because there are plenty of competitors like Taco bell.

Which restaurant used the famous Chihuahua as their mascot?

Taco Bell

What is the most disgusting restaurant?

hamburger king and taco bell.

What is drake bells favourite restaurant?

Taco Bell because Bell is his last name

Would Taco Bell accept a coupon that is redeemable at any restaurant that serves mexican food?

Taco Bell may accept the coupons depending on your area. Although Taco Bell is a Mexican restaurant, they may not qualify as one because it was originated in the United States.

Why is the restaurant named Taco Bell instead of taco lovers or something?

The original Taco Bells all had big bells on the top of the building. Also you are a moron. because taco bell has a "ring" to it. XD

Average sales of a Taco Bell restaurant?

Around 1.3 million annually