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Yes, it is a country in the South Pacific.

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Tahiti is governed by what country?

Tahiti is governed by what country

What is closest to Tahiti?

Tahiti is closet to a country northwest of it called Moorea. Tahiti is also about 2400 miles from the USA state, Hawaii.

Polynesian country starts with t?


What country is Tahiti governed by?

French Polynesia

What country code is 068?


What country is due south of Hawaii?


What is the Country that owns or controls Tahiti?


Is Tahiti a department of france?

No. French Polynesia, of which Tahiti is the largest island, is an overseas country in France, not an overseas department. Therefore, its subdivisions, including Tahiti, are not departments.

What type of country is Tahiti?

It is an Island Country bathed in warm blue seas.

What country is on the other side of the world to Israel?


Tahiti is an island in the pacific ocean belonging to which country?


Which country governs Tahiti?

Tahiti was became officially an overseas territory of France in 1957. Tahitians are French citizens and have the civil and political rights of France. In 1998 Tahiti was granted the right by France to rule themselves internally. Tahiti has its own president and assembly, and makes its own budget and laws.

What is the telephone country code for French Polynesia?

French Polynesia (including the island of Tahiti) is country code +689.

What are the names of some volcanoes in Tahiti?

i only know 2 of the. TAHITI NUI and TAHITI ITI Tahiti ni means big Tahiti and Tahiti iti means small Tahiti that's all i know now srry

What country is Tahiti island part of?

It's part of the Winward group of French Polynesia.

What is the currency in Tahiti?

Tahiti franc is the answer

Is Tahiti in Hawaii?

No, Tahiti is not in Hawaii.

How did Tahiti get is name?

Tahiti, a French Polynesian island, was originally known as Otaheite. Tahiti got the name Tahiti from the European settlers.

English translation for Tahiti Nui Mahalo?

It means: Big Tahiti, or Tahiti the great (Greater Tahiti). Tahiti, the island is shaped like an eight, one circle being larger than the other. Hence, Tahiti Nui is the greater of the circles.

Is Tahiti in Europe?

No. Tahiti is in the Pacific Ocean.

How do I spell Tahiti?

You spell Tahiti correctly!

How do you fly from Tahiti to Fiji?

Air Tahiti Nui runs a service between Fiji and Tahiti

Is Tahiti part of polynesia?

I think Tahiti is part of Polynesia. Where is Tahiti located, anyway? Whatever.

Name of inhabitants on Tahiti?

Inhabitants of Tahiti are Tahitians.

What is the capital of Tahiti?

Papeete is the capital of Tahiti.