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Is Television Good or Bad?

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2013-03-31 03:38:34

Television has its good side. It can be both entertaining and

educational and can open up a new world for kids, giving them a

chance to travel the globe, learn about different cultures, and

gain exposure to ideas they may never encounter in their own

community. Shows with a pro-social message can have a positive

effect on kids' behavior. Programs with positive role models can

influence viewers to make positive lifestyle changes. TV shows can

inspire kids to try new activities and engage in "unplugged"

learning. When kids see their favorite characters engaged in fun

learning games, they want to play too. Kids also like learning

activities more if they involve beloved characters. Preschoolers'

shows are especially effective for generating ideas for learning

activities and using characters to motivate kids. If children watch

good educational programs on TV they can learn many new things very

easily. They can learn about places they have never been to and

animals they have never seen and they could learn about new

scientific discoveries. TV can be a great medium for educational

purposes. Preschoolers can learn the alphabets, colors and numbers

from television. Children can get information on wildlife and

expand their knowledge with quiz contests and others games on TV.

With television, children can keep a track of the latest happenings

and the current events. Television comes across as an excellent

form of entertainment for kids, in the form of cartoons and kids

programs. Some TV shows can educate, inform and inspire. It can be

more effective than books or audiotapes in teaching your kid about

processes like how a plant grows or how to bake a cake.

Studies show that kids who watch educational and non-violent

children's shows do better on reading and math tests than those who

do not watch these programs. Kids who watch informative and

educational shows as preschoolers tend to watch more informative

and educational shows when they get older. They use TV effectively

as a complement to school learning. Preschoolers who viewed

educational programs tend to have higher grades, are less

aggressive and value their studies more when they reach high

school, according to a long-term study. There are many programs on

television that are useful such as news programs or documentaries.

Television provides a way to see what's going on around the country

and the world.


Television is both good and bad.

Pro (good)-

1. Channels are made epically for learning

2. Fills in time/entertaining

3. Know what is going on around your area and all over the world


4. It improves the language ability.

5. learn past history or news.

Con (bad)-

1. Kids who watch TV before bed tend to have a disturbed sleep and

wake up during the night

2. Distracting

3. Kids forget / don't want to do chores, Homework,be active....


4. Too much TV can actually shrink your knowledge

5. Hurts eyes

Television is both good and bad.

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