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Is Thailand a poor country?

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Thailand is a very poor country in some parts

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Are people in Thailand rich or poor?

As with all countries, some are rich and some are poor. Your question is too general to provide a specific answer. Thailand overall is a relatively prosperous country, not a third world country.

Is Thailand a rich country or a poor country?

Thailand is a developing country which means its becoming more better then before, Some parts in Thailand are very nice and wonderful and some other parts of Thailand might be a bit shocking but Thailand will always and forever be one of the best tourist countries :-)

What country colonized Thailand?

no country but Thailand, Thailand colonized its self

What is Thailand?

Thailand is a country. I am from Thailand.

Is Thailand a country or state?

Thailand is a country.

Is Thailand a developed country or developing country?

Thailand is a developing country.

Is Thailand its own country?

Yes, Thailand is a country that is indepedent.

What is the country code for Thailand?

Thailand is country code +66.

What country is Thailand in?

Thailand is itself a country. It is in the southeast of the continent of Asia.

Is not Thailand communist?

Thailand is not a Communist Country

What are the continents of Thailand?

Thailand is a country in Asia.

Is Thailand a state or territory?

Thailand is a country.

What country is north and east of Thailand?

The country northeast of Thailand is Laos, and southeast is Cambodia.

What kind of continent is Thailand?

Thailand is not a continent- it is a country.

Which European country ruled Thailand?

thailand was the only country in south east asia not colinized by european country

What is education like in Thailand?

in most parts of thailand it is quite poor but otherwise its at an average standard

What country lies southeast of Thailand?

The country of Cambodia lies southeast of Thailand. Myanmar is located to the north of Thailand, and Malaysia is located south.

Is Thailand a foreign country?

If you live outside of Thailand then yes. But if you live there it would be your home country.

Is Thailand a country in the world?

Thailand is indeed a country. It is bordered by Burma (Myanmar), Laos & Cambodia.

What country is Chang mai in?

ThailandChang Mai is in Thailand.

How did Thailand get its independece?

Thailand was never colonized by any country.

What is in Thailand?

Thailand is develpoing country. It is called the land of smiles.

What city is Thailand in?

Thailand is a country in southeast Asia. It is not in a city.

What is the name of an Asian country beginning with TH?


What country that gives its name to Siamese twins and Siamese cat?

The country of Siam, which changed its name to Thailand in 1939.It was the country of Siam - which is now called Thailand.