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No. He married his college sweetheart, an attractive woman named Dany (or Danielle?), in 1995. They have a daughter named Simone. Apparently, the current RAW ring announcer Lillian Garcia is the sister of the Rock's wife. The Rock is not single...Rock married Dani, which is short for Danielle, and yes they do have a daughter named Simone. In fact, the Rock's wife played in his newest movie Doom. She had to witness him kissing another girl. If you go to you will be able to read about it.

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Is kid rock single?

yes kid rock is single

Is rock royal single?


What is the chemical formula of rock?

A rock is a mixture, not a single chemical compound.

Is kid rock dating or seeing anyone?

Kid rock is currently single

Can you have a rock comprised of a single mineral?

A rock such as quartzite or marble consists of basically one mineral. So yes, a rock could consist of a single mineral, although most definitions describe a rock as consisting of combinations of minerals.

Is Ayers rock or Uluru a rock?

Uluru/Ayers Rock is a single large rock or monolith, the second-largest in the world.It is more correctly termed an inselberg, which is a single isolated hill that stands above flat, surrounding plains.

What is a single stone or rock called?


What is Rock Royal girlfriend name?

he is single

Mass movement that involves rock and soil moving as a single unit?

A slump is a mass movement that involves rock and soil moving as a single unit.

Is ayers rock a pluton?

Yes, Ayers Rock is the single largest Pluton on earth.

What was the first rock and roll single that sold a million copies?

Rock Around the Clock

What is the single layer of sedimentary rock called?

A single layer with consistent characteristics is referred to as a stratum.

What is the largest single stone in the world?

Ayers Rock :)

How many albums does lmfao have?

Lots. They have: I`m In Miami Trick - Single, I`m In Miami Trick (Radio Edit) - Single, La La La - Single, Shots (feat. Lil John) - Single, Shots (Remix) - Single, Yes - Single, Party Rock - EP, Party Rock, Party Rock (Deluxe Version), I`m In Halifax Trick - Single, I`m In Halifax Trick (Radio Edit) - Single, I`m In Your City Trick - EP, I`m In Your City Trick, Tomo for Sho.

Who uses the Electric Guitar?

almost every single guitarist in almost every single rock band.

What do geologists call a single layer of sedementary rock?

A single layer with consistent characteristics is referred to as a stratum.

Can a rock be made of a single mineral?

no a rock is a mixture of 2 elements or more so it would not be possible

Is the song rock monster or rock lobster?

Actually, it's Rock Lobster, which was the B-52's first single released in 1978.

What is the chemical formula for moon rock?

Rock, including that on the moon, is a mixture of a variety of compounds and varies in composition.

What is the World's most expensive rock?

The Hope Diamond is arguably the most expensive single rock in the world. Do you mean kind of rock? Diamonds.

Which famous Indian temple is carved from a single rock?


Why is the sphinx famous?

the sphinx is huge and cut out of a single rock

What do geologists call a single layer of sedimentary rock?

A stratum.

Rock band hit single the worker?


What decade is the hit single Rock the Casbah by Clash from?