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This is a matter of opinion between players. Some like it, some don't.

Open for Business adds a lot of new content and playing concepts to the original Sims 2 game. I mean A LOT! You can virtually create any type of business you want and sell any kind of items or services from your business. You can run a home business, or purchase a business lot to run your business. You can hire new employees, set their work schedule, hire a manager (if you want to just be the owner who makes all the money), fire employees, and so on. You can interact with the customers and try to win over the sale from them. It costs quite a bit of money to start a business in Open for Business, just as it does in real life.

Some players feel that it is too difficult to get a business started and be successful (reach business level/rating of 10). Others find it quite easy once they get the hang of it.

It depends whether you would find it interesting to have your Sims run their own businesses.

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What computer doesn't need the sims 2 for sims 2 open for business?

all computers need the sime 2 to run any of the expansion packs, including open for business.

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Is Sims 3 any good?

The sims 3 is brilliant!! :)

How do you download Sims2 open for business without having the regular Sims2?

You need the Sims 2 if you want any of the expansion packs, they won't work otherwise.

Do you need the sims 2 deluxe to play sims 2 open for busenass?

no its the same for any other expansions pack, all you need the the sims 2.

Do you need a license to open a pet shop?

Yes, you need a business license to open any sort of business.

Can you become a witch on the sims 2 or sims 2 pets for the ps2?

Good Question! No you can't, not on ANY ps2 Sims games But if you get Sims 2 Apartment life for PC you can be a good or bad witch!

Is sims 1 any good?

Yes, its good. to be fair sims 2 and 3 are better, but there is still fun stuff on sims 1. like burning your sims. (wich you can still do on 2 and 3.)

Is it hard to start your own repo business?

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Are there any open-source small business software suites?

Open Office is a great open source business productivity suite. It is a Java product and is freely distributable.

Is there a sims 2- apartments university open for business or nightlife for ps2 console?

No. Those are all expansion packs for the original PC game, and cannot be played without the base game. As they are simply made to enhance the original Sims 2, they have not been released on any other platforms.

What sims games are good?

omg all of them ecspecialy any of the sims 3 games and sims 2 mansion and garden stuff but you need sims 3, or sims 2 double deluxe before you can get a sims 2 or 3 game :D

Can you play sims2 on the coputer?

Yes, You can play The Sims 2 on the computer. You can go to Best Buy or any other technology store and buy The Sims 2 and all of it's expansion packs. But you always have to originally have The Sims 2 because All of the other (The ones that say Expansion Pack on the bottom are just things that can be added on to your original Sims Game like Sims University, Sims Open For Business, etc..) ones are just added objects and options. Most of the Sims Games are actually on The Computer. Hope This Helped(: Emmibearx3

Is sims 3 worth it?

yes its very good and worth any money

Month of auguest is good for Aries to do business?

Any month is a good time to do business, no matter when you were born

Is there any baby cheat codes for sims 2?

forcetwins-You can use this after you here the lullaby. or if you have Business then you can eat cheesecake.

Are there any really good action replay codes for My Sims Kingdom?

srry but i dont know any

Which is better - The Sims 2 apartment life The Sims 2 freetime or The Sims 2 open for business - what can you do in them and are they any good?

In my opinion freetime but all of them are great. Apartment Life: Pro Make and move into apartment buildings. Have building parties Cons: The book case they show that flips comes in the pack but can't be used in apartments. Their a pain to build and make sure the apartments are 100% separate from the others otherwise it wont let you change it to an apartment. Freetime: Pro Comes with many new items and actions New jobs More things for your sims to interact with Cons: No fun if your more focused on the building of sims 2 houses. Open for Business: Pros Make and build your own businesses Comes with a new neighborhood add on like nightlifes downtown Make home businesses. Cons: Hard to make money off of. Makes sims want harder goals to reach in my opinion.

Can you have kids on the sims 2 for playstation 2?

No, they can't. You can woo-hoo, just can't have any kids. I have the sims 2 for computer, and that's a good game if you want your sims to have kids.

Does The Sims have a virus?

there are definetley no viruses on sims, any of the sims

Why aren't sims getting served in Open for business. I own a restaurant. Very often one of the waiters will open the tray in front of a dinning sim and no food will appear and I don't get any money?

If I were you, i would sell the restaurant, go there when you don't own it, then rebuy it; and see what happens.

Are there any rag shops still open?

i believe they have all gone out of business.

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