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Is Travel Medicine required for the Disney Cruise Ships?

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Yes and no. It depends where you're going.

I, myself, had the 2-part Hepatitis A Vaccine because of my sensitive stomach. I had to wait 6 months in between dosages.

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The Disney Cruise Ships travel to places outside the USA.

One can book a Walt Disney Cruise right from the Walt Disney Cruise Line website. One can also book a Walt Disney Cruise through a travel agency such as West Jet Vacations.

Travelocity, Priceline and Dreams Unlimited Travel all provide Disney Cruise specials. However, Disney's Cruise line also maintains a direct to consumer website which provides specials and booking information as well. The benefit of booking directly with Disney is that there are no service fees unlike the travel agencies.

To book a Disney cruise a person could go directly to the Disney cruise website and see what special offers are available. Alternatively there are various travel agent websites which could offer deals.

Any travel place can give you a very good price on a Disney cruise. Disney has made many special offers available to any one who wishes to go on a cruise with them.

Contacting you local travel agency will be your best bet in signing up for a Disney cruise. This will also ensure that you get any available coupons from your travel agency as well.

The destination of the Disney cruise depends on the package you choose. There are a variety of options. Some go to Alaska, there is a New England cruise, and even one that goes to the Caribbean.

Disney does offer a cruise and park vacation package. It is called a land and sea package. The usually consist of four days at the theme parks and three days on the cruise ship. To find more direct information I suggest you visit, click on the travel tab, and choose Disney Cruise Lines.

There are a few different places on can find rates for Disney Cruise packages. Once can find packages directly through Disney at their official website. One can also check out travel sites such as Expedia and Travelocity.

Dreams Unlimited Travel Inc. has Disney Cruise Line Deck Plans. you will also view the layout for all the Disney ship and get quotes for the different ships to help you plan your perfect vacation.

To leave the United States you would need a passport. This is also required for air travel, and land travel.

There are multiple ways to book a Disney Crusie. One way is to visit a local travel agency in your area. However, the internet also provides fast and easy ways to book the cruise. The cruise line itself has a website that allows you to make reservations. Also, travel websites such as Travelocity also allow you to make reservations. Hope this helps!

Yes Disney cruises not surprisingly have one of the better policies regarding infant travel. While most major cruise lines require infants to be six months old to cruise Disney allows passengers as young as 3 months old. Note that the child must be three months old before the sailing date. No exceptions are made for children who will turn three months during the cruise.

Basically you really need your passport to travel. Especially when you are a foreign.

I would recommend you call the cruise line directly- I believe they use Carnival. Barring that, consider contacting a travel agent in your area, or visit an online cruise reseller.

Passport requirements depend on the cruise itinerary and when you're planning to visit Alaska. Most cruises to Alaska on the large cruise lines (Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Princess, etc.) are required to touch a foreign port - and either start in or visit Canada during the cruise. Until sometime in summer 2008 or thereafter (the exact date has not been established) a passport is not required for travel by sea or land to Canada. If you're planning to cruise in the spring, you will not need a passport -- unless you must fly to Vancouver to meet the ship (passports are required for travel by air to Canada). Several small cruise lines (Cruise West, Majestic America, American Safari) have US registry and are able to cruise only in Alaska. Passports are not required for these sailings.

Cruise packages are available for those who want to plan their all inclusive vacation with one travel agent. It would include airfare to the port city, cruise, accommodation if required in host cities, and food.

AAA Travel offers travel services to AAA members. Some of the cruise destinations offered by AAA are Hawaii, Alaska and Mexico. One can also choose from a number of cruise lines including Carnival, Celebrity, Disney and Royal Caribbean.

Carnival and Disney Cruise Lines are always good. I would talk to a travel agent and see what they recommend. Some may have taken some of the trips that they are recommending. Ask what cruise they would take their family on.

Getting the best price on a Disney Cruise depends on the time of year that you travel and the cabin that you book. The best time to get a discount on a Disney Cruise is on the off-season. The off-season is usually the end of August through October, which is also during hurricane season, and any other time when children are usually in school. The inner cabins with no windows are the cheapest rooms to book, but they sell out early so you would need these cabins as soon as the cruise dates are available.

In the United States, there are three major lines that dominate the sea cruise travel industry. The first is Carnival, which has two major ships on both the East and West Coasts. There is also the Norwegian line and also Disney, which has vaulted into the top 10.

Tickets for cruises to the Western Caribbean can be booked through most local travel agents or at online travel sites such as Travelocity, Disney Cruise, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean. Different cruise ships will offer different amenities and prices, so it might be a good idea to compare prices and features.

refer this url for detailed information of caribbean travel cruise line for detroit

Specialty travel involves a niche form of travel. It includes everything from destination weddings, honeymoons or romantic getaways, active and adventure travel, group travel, historical and cultural excursions, family vacations, Disney vacations, cruise and relaxing beach vacations, and even business travel.

"When you enjoy a Disney Wonder cruise depends on what you prefer. Summer, holidays, and spring breaks do seem to be very popular times for some people. Other people prefer to travel during the non-peak times in order to get better value for their money."

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