Is Travelers insurance a good company?

I used to work there. They treat their employees badly. Upper level management is completely out of touch with what's really going on and don't care. What do they care about? The dollars! Making money. They push their CSR's harder and harder every day until they all are now looking for other jobs. The ones that stay are only there because they have been there for 20 or so years and wouldn't make the salary they're making outside of Travelers.
Travelers used to be a very good company to work for but they have gotten very greedy over the past 6 years. I'm really surprised the Labor Board isn't coming down on them for making there employees work overtime without paying them. I was in that situation myself until I left. They will keep putting more and more work on you and the stress to get it done is enormous. You have no choice but to work on your own time to get it done.
As far as how they treat their customers, it's all a big front. They could care less. It's all about the dollars.
That's enough for me. Just thinking about this makes me furious. I've been out of there for 2 years now and am so happy I left.