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Typhoon Lagoon vs. Blizzard BeachIt really depends if you're more interested in slides, or all kinds of water rides. Typhoon Lagoon is the original Disney Water park, and Blizzard Beach is the newest entry. Both are about the same size, beautifully landscaped, clean, and lots of fun.

Typhoon Lagoon has a surf pool with waves up to 6 ft. You can rent rafts to body surf, and it seems to be preferred by teens as a hang-out, who enjoy the Humonga Kowabonga ride, and the three white water raft rides. TL has 10 water slides as long as 400 ft. and as tall as 100 ft. The theme is "Aftermath of a Typhoon," with spinning rocks, faux bat caves and dinosaur bones. The concession area is a dilapidated tropical village. Shark Reef is a saltwater snorkeling pool where guests can swim among real tropical fish.

Blizzard Beach's theme is a Ski Resort that failed due to the warm Florida winters. Alpine buildings and bobsleds abound. The slides are better at Blizzard than at Typhoon, with 17 including one with a 120 ft. free-fall and one 1,200 ft. long. Slush Gusher, Teamboat Springs and Run-Off Rapids are the most popular slides. No surf pool here, but the wave pool is perfect for younger kids.

At Blizzard Beach there are different sections for all ages theres a section for little kids section for pre teens and teens. I think Blizzard Beach is good for people who want to hang out.

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Q: Is Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach the better Disney water park?
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