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Is Ville Valo dating?

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Ville Valo is dating Sandra Mattica. They have been dating since 2012. He also dated Jonna Nygren from 2003 to 2006.

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Is Ville Valo racist?

no ville valo is not a racist, if you watch some ville valo footage you will see him making out with black girls.

What nicknames does Ville Valo go by?

Ville Valo goes by Rakohammas.

What is the birth name of Ville Valo?

Ville Valo's birth name is Ville Hermanni Valo.

When was Ville Valo born?

Ville Valo was born on November 22, 1976.

Why was Ville Valo in rehab?

Ville Valo went into Rehab in Florida in 2007 for his addiction to alcohol.

Is Ville Valo a vegan?

== == Ville Valo is not a vegan; he just doesn't eat red meat.

Does Ville Valo have a girlfriend?

No. Valo is single - 2010

Where did ville valo and aimee todd meet?

Ville Valo is not married to Aimee Todd. Ville wants his love life private!

Are ville valo and kat von d dating?

No, Kat Von D is dating Nikki Sixx, bassist of Mötley Crüe.

Does ville valo have a girlfrind?


Did ville valo?

Yes, he did!!

Does Ville Valo have a son?


What is the sexual orientation of Ville Valo?

Ville Hermanni Valo has never publicly discussed his sexual orientation.

Why is Ville Valo covering up marriage to Aimee Todd?

Ville Valo is not married to Aimee Todd. Ville wants his love life private!

What is ville valos real name?

Ville Hermann Valo.

How big is ville valo?

If you are referring to "How tall is Ville Valo?", he is about 6'3". Second opinion: I think he is actually only 6'1.

Is there a photo with Ville Valo's parents house?

Ville Valo,Kari Valo,Anita Valo and Jesse Valo (all personal friends of mine),like to keep their space personal.,no sorry there are no photos available...

Does ville valo have throat cancer?


Is ville valo engaged?

no he is married

Were do ville valo live?


Is ville valo with nadine winnebeck?


Does Ville Valo self harm?


When did Ville Valo get married?

he is single

How old is Ville Valo?

Finnish singer Ville Hermanni Valo is 41 years old (birthdate: November 22, 1976).