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Yes, Virginia car insurance is generally cheaper than insurance in California

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Q: Is Virginia car insurance cheaper than insurance in California?
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Is group insurance cheaper than individual insurance?

When shopping for insurance, there is no guarantee that one option is cheaper than the other. It depends on the company you are looking at and their personal prices.

Is commercial vehicle insurance cheaper than passenger vehicle insurance?

NO. Commercial (or Fleet) insurance is much more expensive than general insurance. However, if you are asking whether insurance is cheaper for a commercial vehicle (carrying produce for example) than a bus (carrying passengers) then, yes, it is cheaper.

Is shopping cheaper in Texas than in Virginia?

Virginia has a lower sales tax than Texas.

Is Plastic Surgery In Colorado cheaper than on California?

yes plastic surgery in colorado is cheaper than california. you can visit on

Is California cheaper to live in than Florida?


Is Virginia bigger than California?

No its not

Is lincoln insurance cheaper then other insurance companys?

Lincoln insurance is cheaper than some insurance companies like All State and State Farm but not as cheap as USAA. USAA has the best and cheapest insurance.

Is no medical exam life insurance cheaper than the other kind?

It depends, for you go for the life insurance with exam and you are not helthy, it is going to be more expensive than the no medical exam life insurance, but if you are helthy it is going to be cheaper.

Does 15 year term insurance work out cheaper than annual ones?

yes, 15 year term insurance work out cheaper than annual ones. It is a one year policy but the insurance company guarantees it will issue a policy ... Premiums are much higher than term insurance in the short-term, ...

Are van rentals cheaper in Florida?

Van rentals are more than likely not cheaper in Florida than some other places in the States. It is probably cheaper than rentals in California, though.

Where can I inquire anything about car insurance in Virginia for women drivers?

There is more than one place you can find info but here is a link where you can get more information about car insurance discounts in the state of Virginia.

How much is rental car insurance in CA?

Rental car insurances in California can range from 200 dollars to 750 dollars. It depends on the company you are with. Some companies are cheaper than others.

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