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Is WWE considered a sport?

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No, its just pure fun entertainment. Its not a sport because the winner/loser is told he's going to win/lose before the match. Sports aren't planned Well its called world Wrestling entertainment soo i guess it is because wrestling is a sprt at the end of the day no matter how much of it is entertainment and acting u always have to know how to wrestle at the end of it .. so yh it is a sport ! no it's not really sport. since it's fake it's really entertainment.

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How is WWE a sport?

Wwe is a sport not because the company is but wrestling it self is

How is WWE is sport?

If you mean how is WWE a sport then its because wrestling is a sport and it is world wrestling entertainment! sorry if your question means different!

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Yes. It is wrestling. Wrestling is a sport. July 3, 2008 As a matter of fact no they are not a sport they are considered Wrestling Entertainment the same as WWE is Pro Wrestling isn't considered a sport. Its just entertaiment. I have been a fan all my life and I can answer that with pride. all it is basically is a "Manly soap opera" TNA SUCKS

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Is wrestling a sport or a form of entertainment?

if it is wwe then it is a form of entertainment, but if it is real wrestling then it is a sport

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mostly just show

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Yes. Wrestling is an athletic sport.

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The world wrestling entertainment as in pro wrestlingAnswerIt's American Football. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And the theatrics company known as the WWE shouldn't even be considered a sporting league. UFC? Yes. WWE? No.