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Is WWE Raw real and smackdown real?

They are real programmes but are staged.

Is WWE Staged?

Yes and No Staged Yes it is but accidents are more likely to occure remember not EVERYTHING goes to plan yes it is but they do get hurt because they have to land on their knees and rey mysterio has realy had problems with his knees so yeah and no but it is fucing exiteng

What was the movie called where there was a guy and everything around him was staged and everybody around him were actors?

The Truman Show

How were the special effects staged in Shakespeare's time?


Is the show The Hills staged?

Yup, they over-dramatize everything. And sometimes the producers will tell them to change around their wording.

Is survivor staged?

no survivor is not staged

Is wrestling WWE completely fake?

You can't fake how they land but it is all staged an planned before. the storylines are fake the actual wrestling is not

Example sentence for rebellion?

The people staged a rebellion because they were tired of the government.

Is the moon landing fake and staged?

No it is not because they took a camera into space and reordered it

Is the NFL staged?

No, the NFL is not staged. If it were staged or rigged, then every team would have won a championship by now. That has not happened.

When was pro wrestling not staged?

it was not staged during some period in the 90's . the main idea why pro- wrestling was staged is because to make it safe and to make the outcome with less injuries .... but when the highly experienced wrestlers go 1 on 1 much planning is not involved... some countries in ASIA have experienced non - staged pro wrestling .

Is Parental Control Staged?

Yes it's staged. Most of them are actors.

What part of the paranormal movie was real?

None of it. The film was conceived as "cinema verite", i.e. a form of shooting a movie so it looks less staged, but every bit of it was staged. Instead of having cameramen operating equipment, the director gives the camera to the actors to film the actions. The camera then becomes part of the story and gives the illusion that the images are real. But everything was staged.

Should a newly constructed vacant home be staged?

Yes if it has to be sold then staged.

Is Uncle Drew staged?

Uncle Drew is part staged. They told the people in the crowd about this commercial and handed all of them a Pepsi Max, so this part was staged. The part with Uncle Drew, however, was not staged in any way.

Is the bad girls club staged?

No its not staged. If you have ever seen the fights , you know that's not acting. They get paid to be on there. But that's because alot of them left their jobs and school and stuff. Also they need money to go out with.

Why was King Gator not in All Dogs go to Heaven 2?

Because the King Gator was replaced by Red the hellish cat.Edit:Actually, the reason why he wasn't in the second movie, is because it was staged in San Francisco. The original movie was staged in New Orleans, there ARE no wild alligators in California.

How much does Discovery Channel pay occ?

everything you see on reality shows: fake, staged, scripted. it has to be. the producers or channel could not be insured if it wasn't. No insurance, no show.

Are the cryptids on lost tapes real or are the tapings staged?

The tapes themselves are staged, but the cryptids the talk about are legitimate creatures that have had expiditions sent to find them. The only one that was completely false was the Owlman episode seeing as it was already proven a hoax about a year or two before the epidsode was made. Oh, and yes the stories are real, they aren't aloud to say that the stories are real and they make everything else up, it would be false advertising and every single person who watches the show could sue! Hope my answer helps!!!

Have you been on maury?

No, but my sister has. She said everything is pretty much real except the audiences interactions. That part is staged. She got a gift card to subway for lunch from them for being in the audience.

Was the moon lading staged?


Is Cheaters Staged?

I think it is

Is the dog the bounty hunter show real or staged?

tape the episode. replay it. replay it again. Yes it is staged

Is pit boss on Animal Planet staged?

Yes it is very staged! everyone here that knows them locally knows this!

What are the release dates for Staged - 2012?

Staged - 2012 was released on: USA: 27 March 2012 (internet)

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