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No. His team lost in wrestlemania so he is no longer the general manager of smackdown. But, he is still with the wwe


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The Smackdown! general manager is Theodore (Teddy) Long.

no. Vickie fired her and Theodore Long rehired her. P.S. Teddy fired vickie

probably because vickie can't fire her only teddy long can. vickie just said she was when teddy was abused by the smackdown lockeroom. so kelly isn't fired . so when teddy comes back he's probably going to rehire her

Dolph Ziggler is fired because Teddy Long claimed it was Ziggler who attacked Teddy weeks earlier. But this is just a kayfabe

he should get fired from putting is hand on teddy long show him respect

He was angrey that he would'nt trade him to smackdown!

On Smackdown, the general manager is Teddy Long. And the raw general manager is a secret.

He never left. On Friday Vickie Guererro fired him but Teddy long came back and rehired him and fired dolph ziggler.

yes vicky Guerrero fired on 25 feb 2011 by teddy long :D bye vicky yay

yes because teddy long might rehire her because we all know how he is

Teddy Long, General Manger of Smack Down fired Drew Mcityre because Drew was attacking Matt Hardy.

no its jsut a storyline

He hasn't really been fired. It is just a storyline.

well I think that they are but that is just my opinion

no their notreally together and teddy long can go to rawAnswerno their notreally together and teddy long can go to raw Answeryer they met on the road somewhere and they werent mean tto put their true life affair in the wwe AnswerYa they had a one night stand in real life, and got Matt Hardy fired in the course of it, and Edge cheated on his wife in the process (real life not story line :)

well he got rehired now, but at the time he got fired vickie Guerrero was the smackdown gm. she said if edge used the spear then he would get fired. he speared dolph ziggler when vickie was the guest ref of their match. as stupid as it sounds, vickie tried to spear edge but epically failed when she fell as she hit edge. a packers linemen came with a WWE referee uniform on and counted edge's pin on dolph. the next episode vickie fired edge. as dolph's coronation on being the world heavyweight started, teddy long returned from his wounds of an alleged attack led by dolph ziggler. teddy rehired edge and gave him a shot at his rightful spot as world heavyweight champion against dolph ziggler. edge regained his title and dolph got fired from smackdown. he then signed a contract with raw.

he is on vacation from smackdown! he will be back in 2-4 weeks. by the way, the heart attack wasnt real!!!!!Teddy came back on the Friday Night Smackdown tapings on Tuesday November27, 2007.

The GM of Smackdown is Theodore Long

teddy guinea pigs have really long hair and they are very fluffy and so cuteThey look like this picture.

they are the same person. teddy is his nickname

The General Manager Of SmackDown is Theodore Long

How Long Is Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Coming Out

The new general manager right now in 2009 is teddy long he got his spot back when vickie guerreo decided to general manage Raw. Only because Ric Flair turned the job down to be the GM of Smackdown though.

It's really short. It is usually 16-18 days.

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