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Q: Is Wales bigger than Cyprus
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Is Luxemburg bigger than Cyprus?

No, it's smaller, only about half the size of Cyprus. Cyprus is slightly smaller than Wales or Belgium.

What is bigGer Cyprus or London?

Cyprus is a country and London is a city, so by size, Cyprus is clearly bigger than London. However, by population, London is bigger than Cyprus.

Is England bigger than Wales?

Yes England is bigger than wales

Is Cyprus bigger than England?


Which country is bigger Cyprus or Egypt?

Egypt is far larger than Cyprus.

Who big is Cyprus?

Cyprus is slightly smaller than Wales or Belgium- approximately the same size as Lebanon.

Is Crete bigger than Cyprus?

No. Cyprus is larger by roughly 900 square kilometers.

How long is Scotland to wales?

Scotland is bigger than Wales.

Is Scotland bigger than wales?


Is Iceland bigger than Wales?


Is Singapore bigger than wales?

Wales is much bigger than Singapore. Singapore is about 718.3 square kilometers big, however Wales is about 20000 square kilometers big.

How big is Germany compared to wales?

It is 17 times bigger than Wales, also it has 26 times bigger population.

Is Wales bigger than Switzerland?

No. Switzerland is much bigger. It is about 41,285 square kilometres. Wales is about 20,761 square kilometres.

Is Venezuela bigger than Wales?

Yes, Venezuela is much bigger than Wales. Venezuela is about 916,445 square kilometres or 353,841 square miles, whereas Wales is about 20,779 square kilometres or 8,022 square miles. So Venezuela is over 44 times bigger than Wales.

Is South Africa bigger than Wales?

Yes it is.. much much bigger :)

Is Wales bigger than Scotland?

no Scotland is larger in landmass

Is the country England bigger than Wales?

Yes, England is bigger than Wales. If you take a close look on a map of the UK, you'll see the difference.

Is the population in Cyprus bigger than Crete?

Yes, it is nearly twice as large.

Is England Scotland and Wales together bigger than Japan?

No Japan is much bigger

What country is bigger Wales Scotland or Ireland?

Scotland is bigger than Ireland,but not much.

Is London bigger than Wales?

London is a city and Wales is a country so in land area, Wales is very much bigger than London. However, the population of London is around 7 million and the population of Wales is about 3 million.

How much bigger is Alaska than Wales?

80 tunes

How many times would Cyprus fit into England?

About three times- it is slightly smaller than Wales.

How long does it take to get to Cyprus from wales?

About 4 hours

Which is bigger Cuba or Cyprus?