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The term 'walk off' refers to when the home team wins the game in the ninth inning or a later inning. It doesn't have anything to do with the type of play but simply that whatever play occurred was the play that scored the winning run for the home team. You can have a walk off base bit (single, double, triple, or home run), a walk off walk, a walk off hit by pitch, a walk off error, even a walk off balk.


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Batter that can be poured from a bowl and or spoon of some sort.

batter (cake batter and baseball batters)

Bret Batter is a contestant on Reality TV Island. He is a baseball player. He likes to say stuff about baseball.

The pitcher is the one who throws the baseball to the batter.

There are many characteristics in baseball. The main characteristics are pitching the ball to the batter and then the batter running after hitting the ball.

In baseball, the 4th batter in the lineup is called the 'cleanup' batter.

a play is 1 batter/ runner. after the next batter is up play done

If the baseball hit the ground in foul territory, the ball is a foul ball. If the baseball hit the ground in fair territory, and the batter/runner is still in the batter's box when the baseball hits him, it is a foul ball. If the baseball hit the ground in fair territory and the batter/runner is out of the batter's box when the baseball hits him, the batter/runner is out and the ball is dead.

A player that can't hit.

Other than "hey, batter batter batter, swing!" -- there is "double double, pitcher's in trouble!" to heckle the fielding team.

"On deck" means the next batter in the lineup to follow the batter currently batting.

If the wrong batter completes the at bat, then the skipped batter is recorded as an out. If it is noticed prior to the completion of the at bat the skipped batter assumes the count of the at bat and completes with no additional penalties.

The Pitcher does the most work on a baseball diamond because the pitcher works on every play to try to strikeout the batter. The other players just try to get the batter/runner out when the batter hits the ball.

better batter baseball

The batter was bunting the baseball.

The closest fielders can be is if the batter bunts 1st and 3rd charge up.If the batter doesnt bunt,on the grass.

I'm not sure if you mean "baseball" when you say "rounders," but if you are, nothing happens if the batter drops the bat in baseball.

No. The player would have completed his at-bat and the next player in the roster would be first.

The pitcher throws the ball to the batter in baseball

Gym class. One says so to the other, then they chuckle, then start chanting, "hey, batter, batter, batter..."

The spelling "batter" can be to pummel, or a mix for a cake, or a hitter in baseball.The similar word is better (improved, superior).

In the game of baseball the batter is the player who is at bat. There are many rules that the batter must follow. One of the most important rules is that the batter cannot leave his position in the batter's box once the pitcher comes to set position.

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