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Most of the Western Field models cross reference to Mossberg, but there are several makers represented - Savage/Stevens, Marlin/Glenfield, Noble, Kessler, and even Remington and Colt.

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Q: Is Westernfield made by Mossberg?
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Who made the western field model M815A?

Mossberg made Westernfield shotguns and rifles for department stores. My Westernfield shotgun is identical to a Mossberg 500.

Who made the wards westernfield M550 ABD?


Who made westernfield Model m830b?

Your western Field model 830b was made by Mossberg and Sons for Montgomery Wards(Westernfield).The Mossberg model 340K and your firearm are one and the same.

Who made the western field M732 30-06 rifle?

Your westernfield model 732 rifle was made by mossberg as the mossberg model 810AH,for montgomery wards(westernfield).

Who made model M850 in 22 cal for westernfield?


Who made a westernfield shotgun for Montgomery W ard?


Who made the westernfield 12ga 28 vent rib model m550abr?

Your shotgun was made by Mossberg for the Montgomery Wards Company(Westernfield).The Mossberg model 500ab is the same shotgun as yours.

What years were the Western Field M550AL made for Montgomery Wards?

Your westernfield model 550Al was made by mossberg for the montgomery wards co.(westernfield).These shotguns are still being made and are quite popular.I would check at mossberg,s site.The model designation for your wards shotgun made by mossberg is the mossberg model 500.

How old is a western field model M822 22 magnum rifile?

Your westernfield model M822 was made for montgomery wards(westernfield) by mossberg gun manufacturing company.The mossberg model designation for this gun was the mossberg model 640K.these were made by mossberg between the years 1959-1984.

Who makes the western field M765 30-06?

Your westernfield model 765 was made for montgomery wards(westernfield) by the mossberg arms company.The model 765 is the mossberg model 810A.

How old is the western field 175?

Your westernfield model 175 was made by mossberg firearms company for montgomery wards(westernfield name).There model number was the mossberg model 385K.These 20ga.bolt action shotguns were made from 1960-1986.

Who sold westernfield m550e?


Is the wards westernfield m550ab the same as a mossberg 500?

Yes.The westernfield model 550AB and the Mossberg model 550AB are the same firearms.

Where can you get a schematic for a Western Field Model 850?

The westernfield model 850 was made by mossberg for Montgomery wards.The mossberg model number was mossberg model 353.I would start with mossberg and go from there.

Ward Westernfield model 48 is a Mossberg model what?

Mossberg Model 45.

Who Manufactures Western Field Model M780.308 cal.?

Your westernfield model M780 was made by mossberg.The mossberg model number is mossberg model 800A.

Who manufactured the western field model 767?

Your westernfield model 767 was made for mongomery wards(westerfield) by mossberg gun manufacturing company.The mossberg model designation for your gun was the mossberg model 800A.

How old is a wards wester field mod 47a?

Your montgomery wards westernfield model 47a was made by mossberg for montgomery wards.The mossberg model designation for this model is 45A.The mossberg model 45A was made between 1937-1938.

What is the mossberg model compared to westernFields model 46-a?

The Westernfield Mod 46A is a Mossberg Mod 42.

Are the parts interchangable from the mossberg model 26b-26c to the westernfield model 04m-390b?

Yes, they are. As with many stores, the Westernfield brand belonged to Montgomery Wards stores. Mossberg made their 26C model, but marked it with Wards brand and model number.

How do you find parts for a westernfield rifle model m842?

Your rifle was made for Montgomery Ward stores by Mossberg, and is a Mossberg 346K. You can check with a gunsmith, or check the website for gunpartscorp (look under Mossberg). Havlinsales also stocks many Mossberg parts.

What is Western Field model 78?

Your westernfield model 78 is actually a mossberg model 472 that was made for Montgomery wards.

Who the manufactured the Westernfield model M72B rifle for Montgomery Ward?


Who built the model 822a - 22 mag westernfield rifle?

the western field model 822 was made by mossberg,and the matching model number from mossberg would be a model 640K.

What is the value of a westernfield 12ga model 550ABD?

$175-$225. It is a mossberg 550.