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Is Wii better than Xbox 360?


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May 11, 2010 9:59PM

no way! Xbox 360 is the best system in the whole wide world. It is better than a Ps3 because ps3 suck so bad. xbox 360 is better than the stupid wii and ps3. Also ps3 suck like hell. On Xbox360 there is awesome games like Halo, wheelman and gears of war 2. Over 1,000,000 copies have been sold already! Xbox 360 has awesome graphics and who cares if you have to pay for Xbox live because it comes with a free xbox 360 game(Gotham Racing 4) a free keypad, a headset and a 12 month subscription. That is a good deal. Because for stupid ps3 you have to pay for a playstation headset which is$55 for only one headset. What a rip off. Also you have to pay $55 for a keypad now that is a rip off! the price for a head set and a keypad is $110 now that is a rip off! You only have to pay $60 for Xbox Live and it includes everything to stay in contact with your friends. Now all of you buy and Xbox 360 with Xbox Live. Xbox 360 is awesome go xbox 360! Boo! stupid wii and stupid ps3. You only get to play free online for stupid ps3. But does it include a free headset, keypad or a free videogame!No it doesn't! so everyone buy an Xbox 360 because Xbox 360 rule!