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Is WikiAnswers useful?

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2018-03-07 04:18:50

Here are opinions from our users:

  • The usefulness is variable by category and question, which is

    why I like to jump in and help out, to make it better.

  • Due to the fact that the answers are user-generated and most of

    the answers are opinionated, biased and with little to no fact

    backing them up, the site is fairly useless for any practical


  • Much less reliable than
  • Wikipedia is a great site but it's design and focus is to deal

    with a single word or phrase at a time, not

    with questions. WikiAnswers' design and focus is to be the

    best place where anyone can ask a question and other

    contributors can collaborate to give their best possible

    answer (or answers) to that question. All

    answers on WikiAnswers are given by voluntary contributors.

  • Yes, you can find all kind of information here. is

    a dictionary/encyclopedia. It uses information from many different


Why do any contributors write answers here? The main reason is

that they are really interested in the topics of the questions and

feel they have some relevant knowledge and experience which they

wish to share with other people.

Nobody has to answer anything unless they want to give up their

own free time to do so. They always make a personal choice

first to give an answer and second exactly what they

want to say in an answer.

When they answer a question, they usually try to give as much

information as they think is relevant to the actual question


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