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Is WikiAnswers useful?

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Here are opinions from our users:

  • The usefulness is variable by category and question, which is why I like to jump in and help out, to make it better.
  • Due to the fact that the answers are user-generated and most of the answers are opinionated, biased and with little to no fact backing them up, the site is fairly useless for any practical research.
  • Much less reliable than
  • Wikipedia is a great site but it's design and focus is to deal with a single word or phrase at a time, notwith questions. WikiAnswers' design and focus is to be the best place where anyone can ask a question and other contributors can collaborate to give their best possible answer (or answers) to that question. All answers on WikiAnswers are given by voluntary contributors.
  • Yes, you can find all kind of information here. is a dictionary/encyclopedia. It uses information from many different encyclopedias.

Why do any contributors write answers here? The main reason is that they are really interested in the topics of the questions and feel they have some relevant knowledge and experience which they wish to share with other people.

Nobody has to answer anything unless they want to give up their own free time to do so. They always make a personal choice first to give an answer and second exactly what they want to say in an answer.

When they answer a question, they usually try to give as much information as they think is relevant to the actual question asked.

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Is WikiAnswers a waste of time?

No, WikiAnswers is a website that is very useful.

What questions are not useful to WikiAnswers?

none they are all useful and editable -)

What is better WikiAnswers or Wikipedia?

Both are useful. Wikipedia is useful if you know what subject to look for. Wikinswers is useful if you have a question and don't know where to look for an answer. Many answers on WikiAnswers refer to Wikipedia pages.

Why is WikiAnswers the most useless website ever?

WikiAnswers is definitely NOT the most useless website. WikiAnswers is very useful, and can only be very useful through the work of your volunteers (users). WikiAnswers is useful mainly for those generic, mind boggling questions, and not the complex, detail oriented questions. Keeping questions as simple as possible will make WikiAnswers the most useful site ever. WikiAnswers is only useless through the eyes of those who are not patient and do not get immediate answers, and/or their question is not on the site. because you don't ask the IMPORTANT questions Wikianswers is not useless, it's just the contributers that are useless.

Are trustpoints on WikiAnswers useful?

No, trust points are not useful on WikiAnswers.Another perspective:While trust points have no intrinsic value, those who receive them may be perceived more trustworthy on the site.

What are some examples of sentences with useful?

WikiAnswers is a useful site when you want to know something. A wheel is a very useful invention. A spoon is more useful for eating soup than a fork or a knife.

Does anyone ever get any really useful answer from WikiAnswers?

Yes, many people do.

When is a wiki useful?

WikiAnswers and Wikipeidia are both extremely helpful when you need to ask a question.

Do you have to go to WikiAnswers?

It is your wish. It is a useful website where people ask and answer questions and share their knowledge.

Is WikiAnswers useless?

Ask yourself. Wikianswers is supposed to be very useful and reliable, but some people say that it is useless because of people who write ridiculous answers. This is an opinion question. To me, Wikianswers is a little bit in the middle. Now it's your turn to answer this question. Do you think Wikianswers is useless?

Is WikiAnswers useful and don't say that my question doesn't have enough info?

Yes, WikiAnswers can be useful. It helped me learn how to replace the door handle on my car. It has helped me learn other things as well. I wouldn't say that it is always useful... there is a lot that needs to be cleaned up on the site, and I try to help clean up when I come across something that is wrong or has been vandalized... but it definitely *can* be useful.

Has anybody ever found any useful answer on WikiAnswers?

There are millions of useful answers on here ! I have certainly broadened my own knowledge by following up some of the answers given.

How are computers useful in school?

They are usefull in school because i am in summer school right now and all i do is answer questions on WikiAnswers.

What sites are similar sites to answers com?

WikiAnswers is similar to Answers. There is also Yahooanswers. Wikepedia is also useful.

Why is WikiAnswers useful?

WikiAnswers is useful for answering your questions, and it can help you get done with your homework faster. Thousands of people sit at their computers and give their knowledge and time to those who have questions that might not be found with a regular search engine. Most searches use keywords to find things, but not WikiAnswers. You just type in your question and get that or similar questions. With most searches you get random things that waste your time, but not here.

How can I trust the answers from WikiAnswers?

While WikiAnswers attempts to provide correct and useful answers, you should verify this information using other sources. The answers here may provide some clues to the subject or topic, at least. (see the Disclaimer at the WikiAnswers Help Center)

How is the WikiAnswers useful to us?

You can help other people answers question that they need to know. Alot of people come on here for homework.

How big is the server that runs WikiAnswers?

There isn't just one server that runs WikiAnswers; in fact, there are many servers that work together to run WikiAnswers, and they communicate with our massive database to serve the useful information that you can find all over the site. The servers that run WikiAnswers are found in two different parts of the United States, in two different massive data centers.

Does WikiAnswers stink?

No! It's extremely useful for me, and even when it's not (like when it doesn't have the answers I need) I just submit the question and it's later answered. I've gotten a lot of stuff from Wikianswers! and it doesn't stink. My opinion anyway...

Why do people hate WikiAnswers?

That's because we are the best.Not everyone hates it a lot of people put some very useful info on it1 :)

Respectfully I am requesting you to sanction me a personal Loan amt Dhs2000?

Sorry. You seem very confused. WikiAnswers is a website that answers useful questions.

Recipe's from colonial times?

I'm sorry. I'm afraid we don't know the answer. Go to google or because they have it while we dont'... I know, you may be thinking wikianswers is bad not having it, but it has other useful info. Thank you for using wikianswers!

Can Wikianswers file a trademark dispute over Wikianswers?

The WikiAnswers legal department is looking into Wikianswers.

Can you post offers here if you want to give away items in a certain topic or category?

No. Although it's generous of you to offer your items, WikiAnswers isn't the right forum for it. In order to grow useful Q&A collections, we need to restrict WikiAnswers posts to questions and answers.

Who can use WikiAnswers?

Anyone can use WikiAnswers that knows about WikiAnswers.