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Is X-Pac ever coming back to the WWE?

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:X-Pac is indeed back in the WWE. he came out with Shawn Micheal's for his Hall Of Fame (4/4/11) induction to the DX music with Kevin Nash, and apparently talks are in the works for triple hhh and him to reform DX but i don't know if that is confirmed as of yet. He may not wrestle but he should make appearances every now and than. all below answers are false as of now.

April 4th 2011

X Pac will not return to the WWE unfortunately. I wish he would, but he and Triple H had a massive falling out a few years ago. Waltman took it badly, and it was then followed by an appearance on TV show "The Real Life" in which X-Pac tried to get back together with Chyna. He then attempted to commit suicide, and Triple H did not phone or go to see him or anything. Kevin Nash visited him and then phoned Triple H and convinced him to get WWE to offer help. X-Pac went in to rehab, but Triple H and X-Pac are still on bad terms....don't expect him to ever return.

Probaly not. With all this stuff with Chyna going on I doubt it.

Currently he is Wrestling in TNA

he's on TNA! under the name (his real name) Sean Waltman or somthing like that

X-Pac will most likely not return to WWE. He is currently in NWA-TNA. Not sure what his name is now, but he was known as Syxx Pac, which is a combination of his WCW name, Syxx, and his WWE name, X-Pac.

x-PAC is no longer in tna and being good friends with vince and hhh he will be in talks either some time when i have put this message up or about 2 days after tna and wwe have both offered contracts and with him being really good friends with hhh and vince he will go to wwe vince openly helped him with his rehab along with hhh. kykykyu

x PAC is coming back to wwe go to and put in d generationx and thers a video of 2006 titantron for d generation x and xpac is in there and then it saysa that d generationx is coming back together with triple h and Shawn michels so there proof rite der and then on top of that on June 25 at wwe vengence triple h is goin to conferm that d genteatiopn xc is offical bak together

Right now, X-Pac has just completed a stint in rehab on WWE's dime. This might not mean much,because after the Beniot tragedy, WWE offered this to all former employees. X-Pac is good friends with Triple H, and I can see him coming back in the future, maybe after he gets cleaned up and finishes his dates in Mexico.

Probably not. Right now he's wrestling in Mexico for the company AAA

i saw him a few months ago wrestling for this show wrestling society x

Yes X-Pac will be coming back to WWE

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