Is XeF3 plus polar?

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The fluoride XeF3 is not known; the other xenon fluorides are nonpolar.

If you think to ammonia molecule, this is polar.

The atomic weight of xenon is 131,293(6). The percentage of fluorine in XeF3 is 30,16 % and in XeF6 is 46,34 %.

Yes. Anything with a + or - charge would be considered polar.

H2O is a polar molecule; +H3O is even more so.

No, silly! A polar bear is a warm blooded, live birth-ing, mammal... Plus the fur.

Because there will be one electron left once Xe forms 3 bonds with F, and has 2 lone pair of electrons in the case of XeF3. in the case of XeF5, there will be 5 bond pairs, and 1 lone pair. still 1 electron will be left, which is not possible.

It isn't ionic, the H and N are bonded by strong hydrogen bonds, a type of intermolecular force.

H3O+- polar,asymmetrical (hydronium cation) PCl5 - polar asymmetrical (phosphorus pentachloride) H2S - polar, symmetrical (hydrogen sulfide) CF4 - polar symmetrical (carbon tetrafluoride)

Any compound that has like elements bonded is not polar because the EN difference between them is 0. Thus, N2, C2, I2, or any other compound is non-polar.

Given the chance, a polar bear would like a human for breakfast, lunch or dinner, plus a snack or two for the young ones.

sucrose is polar, it can disolve in water, and remembering the hint " like dissolves like'' one can determine that sucrose is polar. PLUS: it has OH groupe that can make hydrogen bonds with water, so that it can dissolve

A polar bear rest on an ice berg! plus, if I'm wrong, don't blame me because I am only a Year 4 student on the year 2012.

Polar covalent. Si 1.90, S 2.58. SiS2 is polymeric - long chains with tetrahedral Si atoms andbridging S atoms.

Polar bears are apex predators, not prey. They have enough defenses against other bears plus tools necessary to catch prey.

Diatomic Iodine is non-polar, so the reaction will likely be a solution

It's 8 sqrt(2) at an angle of 135° .

Non-polar Covalent Triple Bond

Soap is polar and non-polar

Polar bears are chatergorized as aquatic mammals. They get most of their food from the ocean so no ocean = no food. Plus polar bears over-heat really easy because of their thick fur and a good swim helps to cool them off.

Polar. Yes it is polar

IF4+ is symmetrical with the iodine atom in the center and the four fluorine atoms surrounding it. The positive charge is diffused evenly around all of the atoms in the molecule. Because a polar molecule requires an uneven charge distribution, IF4+ cannot be polar. It is a nonpolar cation.

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