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How can you become an actress if you are from a different country with an ACCENT?

You can get lessons to learn to talk without an accent. Or you can make the accent part of your character.

Accent Table?

form_title= Accent Table form_header= Add character to your home with an accent table. What size accent table do you want?*= _ [50] What materials do you want the accent table to be made from?*= _ [50] What room will the table be used in?*= _ [50]

What is Bane's accent?

Bane is the name a fictional character in The Dark Knight Rises. His accent is based on the language of Romani gypsy.

How do you get the o with an accent on a keyboard?

The letter 'o' with an accent mark is a special character and you won't find it on a standard keyboard. A solution is to use Character Map feature of Windows to insert the character you need. Go to Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Character Map. search for the character you need to insert, copy and paste it where you need it.

What was the name of the harry enfield character with a geordie accent who was a bit thick?


What do you consider accent furniture?

An example of accent furniture is a side table, ottoman, coffee table or lamp. Something that adds a little character to a room but is not necessarily functional.

What happened to kofi Kingstons accent?

During his feud with Randy Orton in late 2009, his character became more important so WWE decided to drop his Jamaican accent

Does Christian Bale have a british accent?

Yes, he does but it's rare that he speaks with it in public as he is a method actor and speaks in the accent the character that he is playing at all promotional events. Google old videos of him (eg Little Women days) to hear his English accent.

Is it racist when playing the character Donkey in Shrek the musical for a white person to play it with the traditional accent?


Does the store JYSK sell accent chairs?

Accent chairs can add a lot of character to the decor of your home. A reasonably priced store, JYSK, sells these products with good quality to price ratios.

How do you type an accent in open office?

I presume you mean an accent over a vowel or something similar. While in the document you're working on, click on Insert, then Special Character - search for the letter including its appropriate accent from the myriad of choices. Click OK and you're done.

In which movie did Leonardo DiCaprio play the role of a character with a South African accent?

movie is "Blood Diamond" 2006

How do you put on an accent?

Putting on an accent means speaking in or imitating an accent you do not normally speak. Actors or singers may take on an accent appropriate to a character or the background of a song. And someone might also take on a different accent to deceive--pretend to be from a different place, either for the purpose of fraud or simply entertainment. The first thing I would do if I wanted to put on a different accent is listen to samples. Thiese are fairly easy to find on Youtube. If you want to be really proficcient, get a person familiar with the desired accent to coach you, listen to your attempts, and give feedback.

Is the name Mario more Mexican or Italian?

Italian, hence why the video game character Mario speaks with an Italian accent.

How do you say 'accent' in french?

an accent is 'un accent' in French

How do you make accent marks on a computer?

There are two easy ways:The easiest way to make accent marks is to open your character map. Go to the start menu and search for character map. All Windows computers have this program. Then you just click on the character you want, copy it, and paste it into your document. The character map will give you every possible character, including all alphabets plus thousands of Chinese charactersuse the Alt key concept. You just hold the ALT key and type numbers corresponding to the accent that you want. For example:ALT + 3 gives ♥ALT + 0233 gives éHere are some common accent marks for Spanish:Hold the alt key and type:0225 = á0233 = é0237 = í0243 = ó0250 = ú0241 = ñ

Is an accent aigue an acute accent?

"Accent aigu" is the French term for "acute accent."

What accent of speech is abundant?

According to the fictional character 'Sherlock Holmes', ALL accents contain abundant clues as to the origin of the speaker.

What is the accent over a letter e?

There are several possibilities: é; this has an ACUTE accent (French, accent AIGU). è: This has a GRAVE accent (accent grave) ê: this has a CIRCUMFLEX accent (accent circonflexe). ë: this has a diaeresis (tréma).

Which is hotter a southern accent or a jersey accent?

the Southern Accent

In what movie did Jennifer love hewitt's character have an English accent?

it was a movie call The truth about love with amongst others Dougray Scott. The accent was alright actually, a bit too obvious but no real clangers like Kate Hudson in her movie.

What is an accent mark look like?

An accent mark looks like just an apostrophe at a 45 degree angle.Here is an example: resuméIf you have Windows, you can use the program 'Character Map', and it has all of the available accents over all of the vowels.

How do you type in accented character on Microsoft Word?

There are various ways of doing it, with some dependent on how your keyboard is set up. You can go to the Insert menu and pick Symbol and find characters from there. You can type the ` character and then a letter and it can put an accent on it. You can use the Alt-Gr key and type a letter to put an accent on it. You can also used the character codes for the ones you need to enter them. You need to test all of these on your computer to see which ones work for you.

How do you make an o with an accent mark over it?

You go to accessories on you start menu, then go to system tools and look for "CHARACTER MAP". If you cant find it then try searching you computer using the Keyword " CHARACTER MAP".

How do you make a a with an accent mark over it on the computer?

You go to accessories on you start menu, then go to system tools and look for "CHARACTER MAP". If you cant find it then try searching you computer using the Keyword " CHARACTER MAP".