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2009-06-17 20:34:19
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Q: Is a 10 gauge double barreled shotgun marked New Era works New York Nitro hammerless a Baker shotgun?
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Who made the 20 gauge double barreled shotgun with mac marked on the buttplate?


Who made a side by side double barreled dual trigger shotgun marked the killer?

@ 100 USD depending on condition.

Who made a side by side double barreled shotgun marked the killer?

Numerous companies at the turn of the century made inexpensive firearms. No way to know if there are no other markings.

What is the estimated value of a 1872 Lefever Arms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

Hello I will need to know more info on it. Like what is marked on it? Hammer or hammerless? Grade? email me Hammerless serial nr 55557

Who made a shotgun marked T Barker on each side plate?

Theate Freres of Belgium if it is a double with outside hammers. Crescent Fire Arms if it is a hammerless double. Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle if it is a single shot.

Who made a Double barreled shotgun the killer?

Unless marked in some other way, no way to know. Many makers at the turn of the century would "brand" their wares if a big enought order was placed.

Double barreled shotgun with London twist marked on barrel and saxton on sideof reciver ithas lots of ingraving what do you have?

I don't really know but I have one that belonged to my great grandfather if you find out anything please post it here.

Is a J Stevens Arms Co double-barreled hammerless shotgun with the number 357 located ahead of the trigger guard on the bottom older than the nineteen twenties?

I can't find production dates for a model 357, but if it is marked J Stevens Arms Co (NOT J. Stevens and Co or J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co), the gun was made no earlier than 1920 and before 1950.

What is the age of a double barrel shotgun marked STEVENS?

Probably turn of the century

What is the age and model of an Ithaca side by side hammerless shotgun serial 68063 marked nitro powder steel on the barrel?

This should be a Lewis model, made in 1902.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Barrett Firearms double barrel shotgun?

The current Barrett Firearms does not make a double shotgun. Exactly how is your gun marked?

What is the value of a 12 gauge Sterlingworth double barrel shotgun serial A36555?

Exactly how is the shotgun marked (all markings), and double-check the serial number.

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