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Is a 13-year-old old enough to babysit?


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yes As long as you are 5 years older than that person then I don't see why not! And how many kids your watching. Probably not a kid under the age of 1. Of course you are as long as you are responsible enough the to look after the child then why not ANSWER: Well it depends how responsible the child is. They maybe to young, maybe when your 15. If you are going to baby sit under the age of 15 I recommend that there is a responsible adult that knows what there doing just to guide and help out with the beginner! :) Good luck and have fun!

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You have to be 13 or older to Babysit

i have just had a baby and my daughter is 14 is she old enough 2 babysit i have just had a baby and my daughter is 14 is she old enough 2 babysit i have just had a baby and my daughter is 14 is she old enough 2 babysit

Only if the gardians can trust you enough to babysit their children. If you can prove to them you are mature enough to babysit, then go for it.

No, honestly. You are not old enough.

My granddaughter who is 13 is she legally old enough in Washington state to babysit?

No, 10 is usually not mature enough to babysit, more like 12 years-old.

10 year old may not babysit a child because people think they are not mature enough to do that job.

Old enough to be able to handle a life or death emergency.

Babysit depending on how old they are (12-13 years is about old enough)

You can be younger then 11 if you are responsible enough. But it is the parents final decision if you are responsible and old enough.

Yes. If you think you are responsible enough, you can.

10+ if parents think they are responsible enough

it depence if she is matture enough yes if she is not no

Old enough to spell :PThere's no real age, I babysat when I was 12...

hhow old do you have to be to babysit ?

yes you can, if you're responsible enough and have experience.

Ithink 11 year olds are enough to babysit if they have had experience with siblings. They should also be mature and only take a maximum of 4 kids at a time and the kids should not be under 2 years old.

you have to be 12 years old in order to babysit

they can if they are mature enough and if they can be relied on by adults/parents!

Well its up to your parents really. If they think you are responsible enough.

They aren’t mature enough

Yes but it depends if they're mature enough and it depends on the child.

Yes, if the 12 year old is mature enough and if the 6 year old is not out of order.

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