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Is a 13-year-old overweight if she is 5'5'' and weighs 147 pounds?

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Is a 20 year old woman overweight if she is 5'6 and weighs 147 pounds?

yes the healthy weight for that height and age is 125.

What is the weighs in kilograms of something that weighs 147?

147 pounds is around 66.7 kilograms.

How much does Carlos Tevez weigh?

Carlos Tevez weighs 147 pounds.

Is 5'6 and 147 overweight?


Is 147 pounds overweight for a 5' 2 14 year old?

Yes, i would say that is overweight for 5'2. I myself, am a 13 Year old, 5'5 and 148 Pounds, i am a bit overweight and i am depressed of my weight, i am a male, i wish i could lose more weight and be normal..

Is 147 pounds overweight for a 4'11 13 year old girl?

yes. normal weight at that bmi would be around 120

How much is 6000 shekels of brass?

6000 brass shekels weighs about 150 pounds. Its monetary value was low, worth about 147 pounds of wheat.

How much does 15 kg of iron weigh?

On earth, 15 kg of mass weighs 147 newtons (33.07 pounds).

How much is 147 pounds in kgs?

147 pounds is about 66 (66.6781) kg

How many kilos make 147 pounds?

147 pounds is equal to 66.67808 kilograms.

What is is 147 pounds in kilos?

147 lbs is 66.68kg

How much dollars is 147 pounds?

£147 is $178.38

I am 13 yrs old and am 147 cm tall and weigh 47 kg. Am I overweight?

Coincidently, I'm the same as you. 13 yrs. old, 147 cm tall and weighs 47 kg and that is certainly not obese nor overweight. That's actually pretty normal. If you're curious enough, you should try the BMI calculator. Just google it. :)

Is a 13 year old overweight if she is 5'6 and weighs 147 pounds?

Kind off. The average height of a 5'6" 13 year old is about 130. your only a couple pounds over but don't worry about it. Just get more exersise and maybe eat less in a sitting. That's what i do answer 2 remember that you are still growing. be a little more active, it can only help.

How big is the Airbus a300-600ST?

The A 300-600 is 174.9 feet long . It has a wingspan of 147 feet and weighs 379,000 pounds.

What are baseball player Henry Burroughs's physical stats?

Henry Burroughs is 5 feet 8 inches tall. He weighs 147 pounds.

What is 10.5 stone in pounds?

It is 147 pounds.

Is 147 pounds overweight for a 5' 3 13-year-old?

Yes, it is somewhat overweight for that height. For further information and help, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

How many pounds in 10.5 stone?

147 pounds

What is 10 stone 7 in pounds?

147 pounds.

What is 10.5stone in pounds?

10.5 stone = 147 pounds

How much is 2352 ounces in pounds?

147 pounds

Is 147 pounds overweight for a 5'0 13-year-old?

Yes the right weight for a boy (@any height have to weight 50 pounds and it's a very healthy) if u can lose tht much weight if u can =/

How many pounds in 10 and half a stone?

147 pounds.

How many pounds is in 147oz?

There is 9.1875 Pounds in 147 Ounces.