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I don't think that is over weight you will probably start growing taller and every thing will even out

AnswerYes. Particulalry worrying is the size of her waist as even fully grown women fall into the hazaerd category if the waist is over 34 inches. AnswerAgreed. The weight alone sounds fine but the waist size rings alarm bells. They don't seem to tally. Either you are looking at an individual with a lightweight bone structure and little muscle mass who is considerably overweight or you've measure wrong. Waist measurement is at the narowest point, not where your waist band is (which is more likely upper hip).

If the waist size is accurate you should visist a Doctor Who will advise you on healthy living. More exercie is the big thing. Find something fun and a bit strucutred like a regular sport club or exercise class.

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Is a 14 year old girl considered overweight if she weighs over 160 pounds?

Unless she's really tall that would be overweight.

Is a 14 year old girl considered overweight if she weighs 134 pounds and is 5 ft 2 inches?


Is an 11-year-old girl who weighs 120 pounds considered overweight?

if you are TALL not really but if you are SHORT yes and it depends if you are healthy

Is a 15 year old girl considered overweight if she weighs 78 pounds?

No you are considered under wheight. A 15 year old girl should way between 65 and 70 lbs

What do you call a person who is 5'7 and weighs 185 pound?


I am 131 pounds and 5'3 am i overweight?

pssshhh, i know this girl, who is my best friend, who is 14 and weighs 503.3 pounds. you are the farthest thing from overweight. pssshhh, i know this girl, who is my best friend, who is 14 and weighs 503.3 pounds. you are the farthest thing from overweight.

Is a girl whos 5ft 2 who weighs 135 pounds over weight?

If a girl weighs 135 pounds and is 5'2, she is not considered to be overweight. Females between the age of 18-25 should between 128 and 136 pounds.

If you are a 12 year old female that weighs 150 pounds and is five foot four are you over weight?

Yes, and it doesn't have anything to do with age. Any person, male, or female that is 5'4" and weighs 150 lbs is considered overweight.

Is 6 stone overweight for 4 foot 8 year old?

If someone is four feet tall and weighs 6 stone, or 84 pounds, they have a BMI of 25.6, which is considered overweight. You can use this site to find out more:

Is a 4 year old overweight if she weighs 48 lbs?

how tall are they

My son is 5'7 age 15 and weighs 180 lbs is he overweight?


Is 1 boy that weighs 48 kgs overweight?

It depends on height.

Is a 15 year old overweight if she is 5'1 and weighs 120?

Absolutely not!

Is it bad to be 12 years old and be 159lbs?

Yeah, for your age that would be considered overweight I guess. I'm 15 and I'm 163lbs, but muscle weighs more than fat.

Is a 12 year old girl overweight if she weighs 108 and is 5' 5''?

Honestly, we look at body weight in reference to height so the question really is: Is being 5'5 and 108 unhealthy and considered overweight? Of course the answer is no. 108 is a healthy weight but please look at other area's as well for nutrition a person who weighs 108 can still be unhealthy.

Is a 14-year-old girl considered overweight if she weighs 145 pounds?

== == Not necessarily. The ideal amount a person weighs depends upon their height and the overall physical condition (muscle mass, bone structure, etc.) of the person.

Is a 4-year-old overweight if he weighs 84 pounds?

A 4-year-old is overweight if he weighs 84 pounds. On average, a 4 year old boy should weigh about 35 pounds.

What is a better weight for a boy who is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and weighs 195 pounds?

A boy who is 5'5" and 195 pounds is overweight. A healthy weight for a 5'5" boy is 90-125 lbs. He has a BMI of 32, which is considered obese, just above the overweight and obesity border.

You weigh 63kg you are 11 years old you over weight?

When you convert kilograms into pounds, 63 kilograms is 138.891 pounds, which would be considered overweight. The average 11 year old female weighs 81.5 pounds, and the average male weighs 78.5 pounds.

What if my daughter weighs 135 but is only 4 foot 11 inches in that overweight?


Is a fourteen year old girl overweight if she weighs 108 Lbs and she is 5 feet?


If a 13 year old girl weighs 129 poujds is she overweight?

depends on your size

Your son is 9 years old and weighs 98lbs his height is 4ft6 is he overweight?

Not at all

Is a 17 year old girl who is 5'6''-5'7'' and weighs 141 pounds overweight?

It depends on your body type. If you are thin framed and have very little muscle mass, you could be considered overweight. However, if you are larger boned and have a lot of muscle, you could also be considered at the low end of your healthy weight range. Muscle weighs far more than fat and since most American women are considered sedentary, it is assumed they dont have significant muscle content. The Rush University Medical Center chart, which does not take frame size into consideration, puts a woman who is 5'6" between 117 and 143 pounds, which suggests you are not overweight.

Is 98 pounds overweight for an 11 year old girl that is 5'1?

A girl that is 11 years old and weighs 98 pounds with a height of 61 inches is not overweight. The BMI (Body Mass Index) determines whether or not a person is overweight. If 98 is divided by 61, the BMI is only 16 because the result is multiplied by 10. A BMI of 18 or less is considered normal.