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Is a 1924 silver dollar pure silver?

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The 1924 silver dollar is not pure silver. It is mixture of 90% pure silver and 10% copper.

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how much is a 1924 silver dollar worth

Your coin is a standard US silver dollar minted for spending. There's more information at the question "What is the value of a 1924 US silver dollar?". An "eagle dollar" is a 1-oz bullion coin minted since 1986 for sale to collectors. Your coin is called a Peace dollar, and it's not an ounce and it's not pure silver. It contains about 0.77 troy ounces of silver metal alloyed with 10% copper, because its value had to be exactly $1 and pure (really 99.9%) silver is way too soft for a circulating coin.

I have a 1924 silver dollar and, yes, it does have trust spelled with a "v".

No. The US has never and will never make pure silver dollars.

No it's not pure silver, only 90% silver and 10% copper.

The 1924 silver dollar is called a Peace dollar because it says Peace on the side with the eagle. It is worth about $25 for the silver alone. If the condition is better, it is worth more.

A US silver dollar from 1840 to 1935 contains .77344oz of pure silver.

Neither. The Morgan silver dollar is 90% silver, 10% copper.

The Actual Silver Weight (ASW) of a Peace dollar is .77344oz of pure silver.

no the Morgan dollar is made of 90.0% Silver and 10.0% Copper

A 1924 United States Peace Dollar is worth anywhere from $20.00 to $300.00.

The Morgan dollar is 90% silver, or contains about .77 troy ounce of pure silver.

There can't be a pure silver 1965 dollar. No silver dollars were minted after 1935, and in any case pure silver is too soft for circulating coins. They all contained at least 10% copper.

You can take it to the bank and get a dollar. If it is a .999 pure silver dollar then do NOT take it to the bank.

.14792 oz of pure silver in a 40% half dollar.

A genuine 1795 dollar is silver, but it's not pure silver. The coin is a fake if it's not silver.

Dollar coins made in 1935 and before contain .77344oz of pure silver.

The coin has .77344oz of pure silver.

No, it's 90% silver and 10% copper.

The coin is considered a solid silver but is not pure silver. 1964 was the last year for the solid silver coin.

Nothing is 100% PURE silver but like most silver coins it is 99.999% silver

No true silver dollar (1794-1935) has a full ounce of silver. The Actual Silver Weight is .77344oz of pure silver.

It's a 1924 Peace dollar not a American Silver Eagle and the date is very common with values of $14.00-$19.00 in circulated condition

is American wildlife series 999 pure silver