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Where is the coolant dripping from?

- if it's dripping from the overflow reservoir (jug that holds acts as a reservoir for antifreeze): means there's too much coolant in the reservoir; it should only be filled to the 'full' or 'max' line - not 100% full

- if it's leaking out of a small hole in the water pump, it means the pump seal is gone and the pump needs to be replaced. This is a very common problem in older Celica's

- if it leaking from a hose, tighten it slightly (or replace if cracked)

- if it's leaking from the radiator, get the radiater repaired/replaced: NOTE: there is a drain valve on the bottom of the radiator that you should be able to finger-tighten if it's not completely shut off. Make sure it's snuggly tightenen BY HAND (if you use a tool and tighten it too hard , it'll break)

Overall, the car shouldn't leak antifreeze: Jap motors are more-tightly designed that North Am. cars and if you've got a leak, something is loose, broken or worn out.

Note that if it's just water (have a taste on your fingertip, but don't go overboard!), coming from the rear of the engine compartment, it could just be condensing from the air conditioner. Happens particulalry in hot weather.

Which is perfectly fine and nothing to worry about.

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Q: Is a 1990 Toyota Celica supposed to drip excess coolant?
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What do it mean when the radiator boil in to your over flow?

It might be clogged, thus not allowing enough flow It means that the excess coolant is going where it is supposed to. The coolant expands when hot and goes to the over flow reservoir.

What is coolant Resevor on Mecerdes mean?

The coolant resevoir on a mercedes is the same as it is on any vehicle it just might be a different shape. Your coolant resevoir is where you store excess coolant and where exess coolant from your radiator goes.

Is it normal for coolant water to go into the reservoir?

Yes- coolant reservoir is designed to accept excess coolant - As coolant heats up it will expand and flow to the coolant recovery tank (reservoir) and as it cools (contracts) it will be sucked back into the radiator

What does an overflow container do?

An overflow container prevents coolant loss. As coolant heats it expands. Without the tank, excess coolant would be forced from the radiator and be dumped on the ground. As coolant cools it is drawn back into the radiator so it always stays full.

What happens to a car if you put to much coolant in it over the fill line?

It could end up popping the reservoir cover off and "burping" the excess coolant out.

What can happen if you over fill the cooling system?

Not much, the excess coolant would be pushed out the overflow tube.

What would cause the antifreeze to or overflow out of the tank of a 2007 Chevy aveo?

The system was overfilled and purged the excess coolant.

How do you know how much coolant to put in your peugeot 306?

Correct coolant level for the 306 is about 4 inches below the top of the radiator. If it is filled any higher the car will blow out the excess DO NOT OVERFILL

When running the ac the car will leak collant from reservoir?

I'm thinking the coolant level in the reservoir is to high to begin with. The cooling system has to work harder when the ac is running. The coolant expands as it heats up. If the coolant level was high to start with it will push out the excess.

Should the coolant in your radiator be completely full?

Yes, if it is too full the excess will be dumped into the recovery tank. Fill it to the top.

What are you supposed to do when your hymen is torn during sex?

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What causes steam to come from the hood of a car?

That'll be your coolant, and there could be a number of things causing it... a blown head gasket will do it... a coolant leak where the coolant leaks onto a hot engine block will do it... a faulty radiator cap which opens too easily can cause this.... excess coolant causing the system to overpressurize and have to relive frequently will, as well.

Why is your coolant leaking from the top of the tank if the tank is to the line and why is it not going down?

Perhaps the coolant was overfilled. It will expand because of heat or pressure and the excess makes it way to the coolant refill tank. Make sure your coolant doesn't have oil in it. In a worst case scenario you could have a faulty head gasket or engine damage that allows engine oil to seep into the coolant. But if you don't see oil in the coolant, then just drain some off.

You accidentally overfilled the coolant resovour and then noticed that your 1992 mercury topaz was leaking coolant onto the ground but then appeared to slow down and possibly stop why is this?

The excess drained out of the overflow until it was down to the level it should be...

What are the signs of a cracked engine head?

Loss of coolant with no visible leak. White smoke out the exhaust. Excess pressure and bubbles in radiator.

Why is the Antifreeze level high when car is hot but when car is cool down there is no antifreeze?

Coolant will expand as it heats - that's the purpose of the coolant recovery tank - to take excess when vehicle is hot and return it to the radiator when vehicle cools

Does water in the reservoir circulate through radiator when engine runs?

No. When the engine is running coolant is heated and expands. Excess coolant then flows from the radiator to the expansion (overflow) tank. When the engine is shut down coolant cools and contracts drawing fluid back out of the tank to keep the radiator topped off.

Why did the radiator overflow bottle overflow?

The overflow bottle may overflow if: 1. The car is overheating - this means after the coolant in the radiator gets heated up and expands it flows to the reserve bottle but the radiator doesn't cool down to suck back the coolant from the overflow bottle, but just keeps on sending coolant to the bottle. 2. You may have put excess coolant in the bottle - hence heated coolant from the radiator didn't get enough space.

The exhaust coming from a vehicle is black?

Not all of the time Black smoke is usually excess fuel, blue smoke is usually excess oil and white smoke is usually engine coolant. So my guess is your vehicle has fuel injection or carburetor problems.

Your car does not run hot but it bubbles when you turn it off?

It is normal to boil when you turn the car off. When the coolant stops flowing, the coolant in the hot engine boils and pushes steam out of the engine. The recovery tank collects the excess and allows it to go back in when the engine cools.

Can you put to much antifreeze in your coolant system?

Yes, you can. However, cooling systems on cars made in the last 60 years or so have expansion tanks, so any excess coolant will wind up there. If you overfill the expansion tank, the coolant will simply spill on the ground. This will be harmful to any animal stupid enough to drink it, but it will not hurt your car in any way.

What happens to the excess thermal energy that is produced by a nuclear reactor?

The excess thermal energy is used to heat a coolant. You know those tall cooling towers that are the hallmark of a nuclear reactor? The final cooling is often done by spraying the hot water onto the concrete tower.

Smoke from car?

The color of the smoke will help identify the problem. Blue smoke is engine or transmission oil. Black smoke, excess fuel. White smoke, engine coolant.

Why would transmission come out of the filler tube of a 2001 Ford Taurus?

According to the Chilton manual:"If the fluid level is too high, drain off the excess, then check the drained fluid for contamination by coolant. The presence of engine coolant in the automatic transaxle fluid indicates that a failure has occurred in the internal radiator walls that separate the coolant from the transmission fluid."Hope this helps.

How do you top up coolant in Volvo FM truck?

Open the radiator cap, and fill until you see coolant in the sight glass. Once you've topped it up the first time, let it sit for about 30 minutes to bleed down. Come back, check on it, top it off as needed. Don't go above the sight glass, or else the excess coolant will bleed out.