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a Dodge stealth is not in the same standing as a celica.A stealth will out perform a celica any day.drives better ect...A dodge stealth is a high performance sports car that was way ahead of its time.A DODGE STEALTH is the funnest car i have ever driven...over vette, supra ect I have drove them all.A STEALTH RT/TT AWD will blow out a vette,supra very easy. I own 2 stealths and a zo6 vette,the stealth will leave it in the dust....From the jam packed cockpit that has all the gagues you will ever need to a very powerful v6 twin turbo awd ,Suspension,Drivetrain, Electronics,Steering & Chassis,Interior,Body & Lighting,and just plain looks..... __________________________________________________________________ ^I tried to read that and believe and understand some of it, but i couldn't. So here's my take: It depends on what you're looking to do. You didn't mention if it was an RT, or just the base FWD version on the Stealth, and you didn't mention what trim level Celica. If you're going to compare base model to base model, i would say that the Celica is a more capable, reliable car. The Stealth weighs almost 1000lbs more than a Celica, and that isn't exactly condusive to performance. The Stealth is also a huge pain to work on, it's an extremely packed, cluttered engine bay. It gets worse gas mileage, build quality isn't as high as on the Celica.... the list goes on. If you're looking for end result in performance, the ultimate horsepower car... then you get the Stealth RT and spend the rest of your life dumping money into it, busting your knuckles trying to wrench on it, and even though your car may have eleventy million horsepower.... it still weighs WAY too much to ever feel "nimble." Neither is better than the other.

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Q: Is a 1991 Dodge Stealth better than a 1987 Toyota Celica?
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What is a better car a 1990 Nissan 240sx or a dodge stealth?

Both a 1990 Nissan 240sx and a Dodge Stealth are excellent sports cars, neither is better than the other. A Nissan 240sx uses a 140 horsepower engine and a Dodge Stealth uses a 164 horsepower engine.

Will a 92 dodge stealth engine work in a 91 dodge stealth?

Yes it will.

What is the difference brtween a dodge stealth and a 3000gt?

dodge stealth is same as 3000gt stealth rt tt is same as 3000gt vr4

1991 dodge stealth fuel pump problems?


What is better a dodge truck or a Toyota truck?

dodge more power and last longer

Why did they stop making the dodge stealth?

The Dodge Stealth was manufactured in Japan, the sister car to Mitsubishi's 3000GT. Japan's decade-long recession in the 90s had much to do with the Stealth's demise. The Stealth was intended to rebrand Dodge and Chrysler by identifying with a sporty car.

Cars that start witn the letter S?

Toyota Supra, Toyota Solara, Dodge Super Bee, Dodge Stealth, Pontiac Sunfire, Buick Skylark, Caterham Super Seven HPC, Westfield SEiGHT, Chevrolet Silverado, and GMC Sierra.

Which would be faster a 1996 Dodge Stealth RT turbo or a Mark IV Toyota Supra?

Supra, all the way... --- well it's a supra. what do you think?

When was the last dodge stealth made?


How do you set the clock on a dodge stealth?


When was the last dodge stealth manufactured?

Chrysler manufactured its last Dodge Stealth in 1996, replacing its Ferrari aerodynamic styling with a hideous looking, overly expensive Dodge Viper.

Why did Dodge stop making the Stealth?

The Dodge Stealth was manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi, its sister was the Mitsubishi 3000GT. Dodge stopped selling it because sales fell too low.

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