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The blue book retail value of that car, if it were in perfect condition with approx 125k is $7200.00

Go to www.kbb.com to look up the value with the correct miles and options, that way you'll know for sure what the correct value is.

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Where are the best Lexus dealers located?

The best Lexus dealer is any cerified Lexus dealer. These are dealers that follow the Lexus company standards and can answer buyer questions most efficiently.

Purchased a used car 3 years ago The dealer never disclosed it was involved in an accident What is your recourse?

Purchased a used 2003 Lexus LS430 from a Lexus dealership in state of Washington. The dealership never disclosed that the car was involved in a accident 8 months prior. Now I cannot sell it. What are my options?

Are there any Lexus dealers in Denver?

"There are actually two main Lexus dealers in Denver. There is one called Stevinson Lexus, located at 8337 Raspberry Way and another one called Kuni Lexus, which also specializes in online automobile sales."

How can you find Lexus dealers near you online?

Get online and type in the words, "Lexus dealer locator." The official Lexus website should pop up as the #1 site. Click on it. It should ask you for your zip, so type it in, and it will tell you where the nearest Lexus dealers are.

How many Lexus dealers are listed in Boston?

There is not a assigned lexus dealer in the boston. MA area. There is several dealers that sell the Lexus brand as well other luxury brands. The closet Lexus manufacter dealer is in Waterford MA which is over 20 miles away.

How many quarts of oil for a 1998 Lexus gs 300?

Lexus dealers call for 6.1 but 6 will be fine

Where can one find a Lexus RX for sale?

The Lexus RX is currently being produced, and has been since 1998. It can be purchased from higher-end dealers that sell the luxury Lexus line of vehicles.

Where can quality used Lexus parts be purchased?

Quality Lexus parts may be purchased at a Lexus used auto part dealer. You may also find Lexus parts at local auto part stores in your area as well as the dealers.

Are there any Lexus dealers in Seattle Washington?

There are multiple Lexus dealers in the Seattle metro area, as well as the neighboring Bellevue area. 5910 Corson Ave. South, Seattle WA. The phone number is - area code (206) 447 2227.

Where can one purchase Lexus LS 430?

One can purchase a Lexus LS 430 at any Lexus dealer. If the dealer does not have the exact car one is looking for, they can search other Lexus dealers to find the right car. One can also factory order a Lexus as well.

Who are some of the main competitors of Hendrick Lexus?

There are no other major Lexus dealers in the North lake area. There are a few distributors but none are 100% lexus certified for repairs as well as sales. Hendrick is the only certified dealer/repair garage in that area for Lexus.

How many JM Lexus dealers are there in Florida?

"There are 4 JM Lexus dealerships along the east coast of Florida. Each dealership specializes in the sale of new and used Lexus vehicles. They cater to high end buyers,"

Where can one find a Lexus GS for sale?

If you are in the market for a 2013 Lexus GS you can purchase one at any of your local Lexus car dealers. That will also be the best place to find any used models that have been traded in.

Where can one purchase Lexus rims in the Houston area?

Rims for all types of Lexus vehicles can be purchased or ordered through Lexus dealers in the area. Additionally, there are many used auto parts stores in the Houston area that may sell, or be able to locate, rims for Lexus vehicles.

Where can a person find a deal on purchasing a used Lexus ES350?

To find a deal on the used Lexus ES350, a person should check the Lexus dealers. Alternatively it is possible to find this car online via used car specialist websites.

Where can you find information and reviews about the Sewell Lexus car dealership?

You can find information and reviews about Sewell Lexus on their website. You would also be able to find something on website that rates dealers. Another would be to check with the Lexus vehicle website.

What type of oil does the Lexus es350 use?

On the 2008, the manual says 5W30. However, many Lexus dealers use 5W20. I assume this is to try and improve gas mileage slightly.

How can you fix a leaking sunroof of a Lexus?

order a replacement seal from the dealers and fit, you can use silicon as a temp fix

Where can one find the best Lexus deals in the United States?

The Lexus website lists many of its official dealers in the United States. From these, new Lexus cars can be purchased. For used cars, talking to the seller directly can affect the price. Websites such as Carmax can be used to search for used and new Lexus as well.

What can one do on the Club Lexus website?

The Club Lexus website is dedicated to the Lexus automobile. One can find articles about the various models, join discussion forums, share photos, and find dealers for parts. One must register to join in any of the discussions.

What are the Lexus auto dealers in the Erie, PA area?

The closet Lexus dealership to Erie, PA is at 2551 Som Center Rd. Willoughby Hills, OH 44094 Phone: (888) 229-822.

Is it true that all Lexus dealers give free car washes for any Lexus?

If you take your Lexus in for service, you're entitled to a free car wash; however, the courtesy car wash is not applicable just as. You need to take it in for any kind of major service to get the carwash.

Are there any Lexus dealers in Windsor ON?

Yes there is. Their address is 9375 Tecumseh Road East. They carry a full line of all the Lexus models from the ES to the ISF. You can also order parts and schedule your vehicle maintenance on their website.

Where is the water pump on a 96 Lexus es300?

Behind the timing cover, driven by the timing belt. If you are asking where it is to replace it, I recommend that a technician perform this for you with a genuine Lexus replacement.

What exactly is the IRA Lexus?

Ira Motor Group is a series of car dealerships located in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. These car dealers only sell luxury brands of vehicles, such as BMW, Lexus, Porsche, Toyota, Scion, Subaru and Audi. Ira Lexus is one of their dealerships located in Danvers, Massachusetts.

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