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Yes , the 1999 Mercury Cougar is FRONT wheel drive


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No , a 1994 Mercury Cougar is rear wheel drive

On a Mercury Cougar : ( 1999 to 2002 model years are front wheel drive ) Older model years are rear wheel drive

no it is defently rear wheel ================================================== That would depend on which model year , there have been rear wheel drive and front wheel drive versions of the Mercury Cougar

( No ) a 1995 Mercury Cougar was rear wheel drive * until the 1997 model year they were rear wheel drive also , there was no 1998 model 1999 through 2002 model years were front wheel drive

Mercury Sables are front-wheel drive.

There were front wheel drive and All Wheel Drive ( AWD ) versions of the Mercury Milan available

Yes , the 2000 Mercury Mystique is front wheel drive

Yes , a 1994 Mercury Sable is a front wheel drive vehicle

A 1999 Mercury Tracer is a front wheel drive vehicle

Is this a trick question There was no 1998 model year of Mercury Cougar in North America ( up to the 1997 model they were rear wheel drive and the 1999 to 2002 model years were front wheel drive )

On a Mercury Sable : Some model years had an All WHEEL DRIVE system available in addition to the usual front wheel drive

The front axles are your "driveshafts" on ALL front wheel drive vehicles. Other wise there are no drive shafts.

No ... the body and drivetrains are completely different. All Cougars until 1997 were rear-wheel drive and used a completely different frame. Cougars 1999 and onward are based on a Ford Contour, are front-wheel drive and a completely different drivetrain setup.__Edit__while all that is well and good the 2000 cougar and the 94 tracer are both front wheel drive, but their flywheels are not compatible.

Not by a long shot, the '99 Cougar was a front wheel drive sports coupe known for shredding differentials with just the V6 Duratec, while the '98 Mustang was a rear wheel drive Pony Car. The two are incompatible.

the front bearings on the 1989-thru-1997 ford thunderbird/mercury cougar cannot be changed, the whole front hub comes as one piece and have to be replaced as a single unit.

2 front wheels 4 front wheel bearings 2 inner and 2 outer

As far as I know just front wheel drive

On a 2001 Mercury Sable : No , just front wheel drive according to my Consumer Guide book

1995 Mercury Cougar does not have front wheel brake shoes. It has disc brakes and therefore disc brake pads. Copy & paste this link into your browser.

Yes you can. Manual or Automatic, taken from either the I4 or the V6. You can also use transaxles (the technical word for Ford front wheel drive transmissions) out of Ford Contours and Mercury Mystiques produced between '95 and '00.

Potential to be a nice car, The only problems I had with mine was the transmission. But what else wouod you expect from a front wheel drive ford. It didn't stand a chance at lasting.

the starter is located on a brand new car!!!!! Such an ass. Just taking a guess, most front wheel drive have the starter on the back side under the intake.

Yes, the options are front wheel drive or all wheel drive.Yes, the options are front wheel drive or all wheel drive.

Front wheel drive, with some being all wheel drive.Front wheel drive, with some being all wheel drive.

Front Wheel Drive. Front wheel drive on 1999

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