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There are 2 service repairs known for causing battery drain. 1 requires a jumper wiring harness from your local dealer. Generally speaking the most common reason is a short/open is not allowing the electronic modules to "go to sleep." The way to test this is: engine off key on drivers door open. turn key to the off position and leave in ignition. then without opening the circut attach the amp meter between the posative battery cable and the battery. then remove the key, close the door and set the alarm. the amp meter will drop draw reading in stages as each system shut down. total time is 45min. you should read 20m amps if higher you have a draw. remember to have all doors and trunk lid closed when performing this test. common issues are water ingress into the trunk affecting the power dist. box. ( next to the spare, holding the fuses.) check for corrision in this area.

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Q: Is a 2001 jaguar s-type what could be draining the battery when not in use?
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Jaguar specification M2C192A, 75W-140 rear differential oil.

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Jaguar took this away! Stupid! It is meant to be for life. However it is a good idea to change fluid after 90k miles! I fink there is a screw under gear box and level can only be check by pressure of flow! Taking my 2000 stype to specialist £150

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