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Every person is unique, there is nothing wrong with your size. Be you 16 or 40, 4' or 6', slim or overweight. It's simply how people grow. If you're truly concerned, you could speak with your doctor. Don't sweat it; size isn't everything.

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What is a slim girl's bra size?

Bra sizes have nothing to do with waist size. A slim girl can have a large bra size or a small one. It just depends on her DNA.

How is the playstation3 slim different then the normal one other then size?

It saves more electricity and that is about it

Is a girl underweight if she weighs 80 pounds and is 4 ft 11 inches?

Well, I say it is quite normal. It is normal-to-slim.

Are the blue psps slim or normal?


What is Neil Patrick Harris suit size?

40R Slim Fit / 38R Normal Fit. 32 inch waist trousers

What is the anus normal size?

there is not a normal anus size. really it depends how wide your hips are and how fat you are. but guys like fit young girls with a slim stomach but with really big anuses. this way guys can push there penis further in

Does a PSP slim battery work on a normal PSP?

No you cant the slimmer battery is just too small but the normal battery can fit in both normal and slim PSP!!

Im 5 5 and slim do guy prefer a girl with curves or slim girls?

If you are five foot five and slim there are many guys who like slim girls. There are also guys that prefer a girl with curves.

Where do you find your hard drive size on your ps2 slim?

The PS2 slim does not have a harddrive

Is a size 32E bra normal for a 12 year old girl?

I'm 14 and I'm a 32E aswell, it depends on your height and body weight, your probably quite slim so its not to bad, if they carry on developing then i recommend you go and see your gp

Who is the girl in Pittsburgh slim girl kiss girl video?

Krista Ayne

Is a girl cat more slim and male cat fat?

Girl cat is more slim and boy cat are fatter then a female cat

What is the different between the slim PS3 and the normal?

The main differences between these two devices is the actual size of the device and the hard drive. The PS3 slim also cannot stand up vertically and you cannot install another operating system on it.

Does a normal PSP battery work on a PSP slim?


Can you be a cheerleader if you are slim?

You can do cheerleading if your any size

Average waist size for eleven year old girl?

depending on the body type the measurement would be... underweight girl: -22'' slim girl: 22''-25'' average girl: 25''-29'' husky girl: 29''-34'' overweight girl: +34'' please note: this is for an ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL!

Is a size nine fat?

Absolutely not! It is on the slim side of average (size 12/14).

What size abercrombie kids jeans have a 26 inch inseam?

Its size 10 slim

What pants size is equivalent to a size 12 husky in boys?

It is equal to a xl in slim

Do American girl outfits fit carpatina dolls?

The American Girl dolls are about 1" bigger in waist than then Carpatina dolls. So, AG clothes will be big on Carpatina dolls which are referred to as slim dolls. Carpatina makes clothes for both sizes dolls: the slim and the AG size. Check their website:

Is the PS3 slim faster than the normal PS3?

yes by about 33%

Can you use a normal USB cable for your psp slim?

You need a 'normal' USB A to USB Mini-B cable.

Who is the girl with slim on the peaches and cream video?

Natasha Ellie!

Who is the girl in new slim fast advert?

Lizzie Kempson

Why do fashion bosses want their models to be anorexic?

Because they think that being a size 6 (which we think is normal!) is being too fat and in their minds, models are not meant to be fat, they are meant to be tall and slim.

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