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below average............................average is based on 5.5 to 6

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2010-08-30 01:29:22
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Q: Is a 3 inch erected penis normal?
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You are 15 with a 3 inch penis when soft but it is 7 inch when you are hard is that small or normal?

If you are 15 years old , and have a 3 inch penis and it is 7 inches when hard then it is quite normal.

Is a 3 inch erected penis average for a 13 year old?

it is an okay size, contact me on msn

Is it normal for a man of 42 to have a 3inch penis when erected?

3 inches is pretty short for an adult. The average penis length is somewhere around six (not eight!) inches.

Is a 3 and a half inch penis normal for a 15-year-old when soft?

not at all

Is a 3 inch penis normal for a 10 year old?

yes if its before puberty then yes

Is a 3 inch penis for a 14 year old normal and will it grow to abt 7 inches when im 21?

It depends if your penis is erect of flaccid. A 3 inch flaccid penis is average, however a 3 inch erect penis is slightly below average for a 14 year old. We cannot say what size it will be when you're 21, as penis' develop at different rates.

What is the normal penis size for 13 year old?

There is no "normal". The size you are is normal for you.

Is a 3 inch penis normal for a 16 year old?

no it is not im 14 and my penis is 4.5 inches

Is a 3 inch a normal penis size for a 10 year old?

I'd be more worried about who it belongs to dude.

You are 15 years of age and your penis is 3 inch when not erecet is that normal?

Everyone's penis is different. It's size is based on your genes. In other words its hereditary

You are 12 and your Fully Erected Penis is 3 and a half inches long Is that small?

No that is not small because I'm 11 and that is the size of my penis fully erected. but both of us have a long way to go. ^_^

Is it normal length of penis of 11cm of 21 years old boy?

any size larger than 7 cm or 3 inch it is considered normal.

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