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No. The 420A is a Chrysler motor put into certain Mitsubishi/Eagle/Laser models. The GSX's turbo motor is a 4g63T Mitsubishi engine.

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Q: Is a 420A motor a GSX motor?
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Do eagle talons and eclipse use the same clutch?

For 95-99 Yes, depending on the model of car. A talon ESI has a 420a motor like the eclipse GS and RS. Talon tsi or tsi awd have the same motor (4g63) as the eclipse gst or gsx

Will a 1998 dodge avenger engine fit on your 1998 eclipse?

Yes. Both engines are the 420a. (as long as your eclipse isn't a GSX/GS-T)

Can you replace a 420a engine with a 4g63?

It can be done. But for a price. The 420A motor (GS and GS motor) have the transmission sitting on the right side. (If your looking at the front of the car) And the 4G63 (GS-T and GSX motor) Have the transmission sitting to the left side. So just a straight motor swap is NOT possible. But I suppose if you got a GS-T motor and transmission then you can remount the motor and transmission mounts, but you would probably have to relocate everything, such as the ecu and battery and whatnot. So to answer the question, technically, it is possible. But illogical. You would be much better off just selling the GS and getting a GS-T, or just put a turbo on the GS.

Is it possible to swap a 420A for a 4g63?

Yes, although the cost may be prohibitive - the transmissions are on opposite sides for the two engines, so additional parts and labor would be required. Cheaper alternatives for the pursuit of power would be either turbocharging the 420A or simply buying a used GS-T or GSX, although the price of a used GS-T/GSX hovers around the cost of the turbo kit (before labor).

Is a Suzuki hayabusa the same as a Suzuki gsx-r?

it is a gsxr technically its a gsx-r1300 just bigger and longer with a bigger motor and beefier suspension

Is there much trouble to swaping a 1992 eagle talon ES non-turbo motor with a 1991 eagle talon turbo motor?

Yes much trouble. The motor mounts are not the same as well as the axels. It would be easier for you to convert the 420a engine to a turbo modified. They make turbos kits for the 420a

What motor will fit in your 1995 esi talon?

420A non turbo 2.0 or can put tsi motor in it but involves alot of time work and money

What motors will fit in a 1997 eagle talon?

420A esi motor 2.0 or can go with a tsi motor with a turbo but involves alot of time work and money

How much would it be to replace a 1996 eclipse non-turbo motor?

not much just find an srt4 neon an avenger a sebring or a talon with a 420a motor

Will a 2000 model eclipse engine work in a 1997 eclipse?

negative only 420a motor for non turbo or 4g63 for turbo model...or extensive modifying. i don't know why you would want to. 2000+ eclipse motors are garbage as well as the dodge 420a non turbo motor...the only motor that sould have ever been put in the eclipse is the 4g63 period.

Does the 1998 Plymouth neon have a 420a motor in it?

some do, it depends on your vin. better way to find out is look on the sticker under the hood should have a motor spec. and it should say right there

Are Mitsubishi parts compatible with eagle talon of same year?

Usually yes but you have to cross reference the model types to see if they have the 4g63 or the 420a motor

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