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All 737 aircraft are narrow bodies, from the 737-100 (the first 737) up to 737-900 (the latest 737).

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Q: Is a 737-700 a narrow body aircraft?
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How can differ a wide body aircraft from narrow body aircraft?

a narrow body aircraft have a single aisle while the wide body aircraft have two aisles.

What is the difference between a wide body and a narrow body aircraft?

Wide body aircraft have more than one aisle

What type of aircraft is a 738?

Narrow body jet airliner.

What airplane has more passengers Boeing 737 or Airbus a380?

The Airbus A380 which is a double-deck wide-body aircraft while the B737 is a narrow-body.

What are types of planes?

Well the are 3 types of planes Turboprop airliner, narrow body aircraft or a wide body aircraft. Turboprop's are small propeller planes for short regional routes eg. New York to Buffalo. Narrow Body Aircraft are for slightly longer routes and are jet engined eg. New york to Miami or New york to Chicago and even some transatlantic flights. Lastly there are wide body aircraft for long routes like New York to Hong Kong or Tokyo.

What is the diffrerence between Boeing 757 and Boeing 777?

The Boeing 757 is a narrow body medium haul aircraft while the Boeing 777 is a wide body long haul aircraft and is much larger and is designed to fly international routes.

Is the Boeing 757 a wide-body or narrow-body jet?

Narrow Body

What is an aircraft body?

The body of an aircraft or plane is called the fuselage.

What is the main body or body of an aircraft?

The main body of an aircraft is called the fusalage

What is an airmiss?

An airmiss is a narrow miss between two aircraft in flight.

Is the Boeing 757 a wide body or narrow body jet?

a Boeing 757 is a narrow body jet airliner

Comparision of a-300 and a-320?

The A320 is a smaller narrow body aircraft, it uses new cockpit technology. The A300 is a wide body, but is small in length. It is outdated and now only used usually for cargo

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