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Smaller engines generally need to run at higher RPM's in order to produce enough power to keep you moving at the rate you want. Larger V8's produce a lot of HP/torque so they are able to run at less than 2,000 rpm at 65 MPH. Smaller enines need to produce a lot of power to get you up to speed, so that accomplish that by running at higher RPM's. ==New Answer== Be sure the transmission torque converter lock-up clutch (TCC) is functioning before resigning to the possibility that "all four cylinder engines need a lot of RPMs to develop the power to cruise at high-way speeds". My Tracker's TCC is not functional due to an electrical problem inside of the trans and this is causing excessive engine speed at 60 MPH,also.Be advised though, that with the TCC operational,there is only a 300 RPM difference compared with it not working, at least on my '91 Tracker. Also, be certain the trans is shifting into all of the gears it was designed to provide.

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Q: Is a 96 trackers RPM normal at 3400 at 65 mph because seems excessive for a 4 cylinder to run that high?
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